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13 Taylor Swift Songs We Can’t Wait To Hear The Re-Recorded Version Of

13 Taylor Swift Songs We Can’t Wait To Hear The Re-Recorded Version Of

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Taylor Swift has been feeding Swifties all year long. Not only did she drop her fantastic album folklore out of nowhere this summer but now she dropped another surprise album just days before her birthday this December. But that’s not all Swifties can look forward to! Taylor has also been teasing the fact that she is re-recording her old songs and we even already got a snippet of ‘Love Story’ during the new Tinder commercial. It sounds so good! We, here at The Honey POP, really can’t wait to listen to our old favorites revamped in this new decade! While we wait, we decided to make a short list of our favorite Taylor classics we can’t wait to hear the re-recorded version of!

‘Teardrops On My Guitar’

This was Taylor‘s first mega-hit and she was only a teenager back when she recorded and wrote this. We desperately need a 20s version of this!

‘All Too Well’

The Red album has to be one of Taylor Swift’s best albums and ‘All Too Well’ is just too good that we couldn’t not mention it!

‘Jump Then Fall’

An absolute favorite of ours! The Platinum Edition of the Fearless album hit different with this song included on it.

‘Love Story’

Hearing the snippet in the commercial got fans buzzing already. We need the full version immediately!

‘Speak Now’

The Speak Now album is so special as it marked the end of the classic country Taylor, and ‘Speak Now’ is just as special of a song as it gave this album its name!

‘The Story Of Us’

We know a legendary Taylor Swift song when we hear one, and ‘The Story Of Us’ remains one of our favorites! We can’t wait to hear what Taylor is going to do with this one!


Of course, we can’t forget this absolute bop of hers! ’22’ was a cultural reset, and we are still screaming along to it at the top of our lungs no matter if we are 22 or not!


Another amazing song off of her Speak Now album this song just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! We need the new Taylor version now!

‘Bad Blood’

‘Bad Blood’ always hit a certain spot with fans and Taylor Swift but we think this newly re-recorded version will have a new flavor to it.

‘Better Than Revenge’

Yes, Speak Now is a very important album to us, here at The Honey POP, so we can’t stop mentioning the songs of this album. But we feel like ‘Better Than Revenge’ will have such a different feel than its version from 10 years ago!


‘Wonderland’ has always been a special song and we think this new version is certainly needed! Take us to ‘Wonderland’ in 2021 Taylor!

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‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Reputation is the latest album by Taylor Swift she will re-record and while the song is only a couple of years old, we think this new version will have a new spark to it! The song had an enormous impact since this was a version of Taylor we had never seen before.

‘Our Song’

Now, this song is sure to make fans nostalgic, and we can’t wait to hear what it will sound like after 14 years. Taylor has grown so much since this came out! This one is sure to sound very different!

Okay, it is time to stop. If we went on this list would be endless! What is your favorite Taylor Swift song, and which song can you not wait to hear the new version of? Do you think they will sound the same? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!


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  • I can’t wait for Sparks Fly and Enchanted! I’m also so hype for Better Than Revenge, I think we got a little taste of it with No Body, No Crime too

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