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Lindsey Stirling Awes Us In Magically Entertaining Home For The Holidays Special Livestream Concert

Lindsey Stirling Awes Us In Magically Entertaining Home For The Holidays Special Livestream Concert

With a year of virtual concerts from our favorite artists, bringing the stage straight to the comfort of our homes, violinist virtuoso, dancer, and entertainer, Lindsey Stirling decided to create a special holiday treat that could have only been achieved through her creativity and a livestream.

This past Saturday, after three weeks of meticulous editing and months of preparation, Lindsey took to the stage for two showings for her spectacular Home For The Holidays Special! For an hour, we were in awe with her impressive artistry of nine dance routines combined with her dazzling musicianship of traditional Christmas carols; her original songs are also filled with plenty of laughs and warm moments, all in celebration of the holidays! It brought us the much-needed cheer that moved us all and proved relevant in these tumultuous times!

Home For The Holidays Special opened with an ‘All I Want For Christmas’ inspired number. Outfitted in a gorgeous black and white outfit, Lindsey and her dancers frolicked throughout four vintage theme sets that included a department store, a snowy wonderland, a holiday-treat-filled-kitchen, and a pink childlike bedroom. Many more fun routines like this one appeared throughout the show, featuring gorgeous costuming like her all-purple ballerina dress in a rendition of ‘Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy’ and her jazzy performance of the beloved classic ‘You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch.’

Lindsey even surprised fans by playing in their neighborhoods, replicating the magnificent numbers in her shows they missed this year because of the pandemic. With a huge smile on her face, a little girl could be seen in the crowd mirroring Lindsey’s dance moves as she performed the blue and white nutcracker theme ‘Christmas C’mon,’ including Lauren Frawley. While the fans were also caught off guard when Lindsey knocked on their door, they were visibly touched when she “caroled” and brought sparkling Christmas trees and presents for the ‘Let It Snow’ performance!

The most impressive moment of the Home For The Holidays Special, by the sheer amount of athleticism involved, was Lindsey’s Circus De Solei inspired “hair hanging” dance routine. Dressed in a lacy white bodysuit, she lifted off the stage suspended by a gold ring fastened to the bun atop her hair. While executing dare deviling acrobats with her violin strapped on tight, she delivered an electrifying and unforgettable performance of her track ‘Crystalize!’ Lindsey even chronicled her three-month journey of her hair hanging experience in video diaries to achieve the spectacle! After many painful tears and frustration, she achieved her ultimate success by believing in herself and never giving up!

As much fun as Home For The Holidays was, it also tugged on our emotions when Lindsey shared two personal accounts of her father and her missionary work in New York. Set to ‘Silent Night’ in the background, she retold losing her father to cancer but then meeting an old friend of her dad’s at a temple. Through the stories her father’s friend told her, she explained her connection to guardian angels and how they surround us, leading into her performance of ‘Angels We Heard On High,’ among the clouds as she wore a stunning white lace dress trimmed in silver. After meeting the homeless man, David, in New York, she said she learned to live compassionately and continued to spread love and kindness to others, leading to the gorgeous interpretation of ‘Silver Bells’ accompanied by a contemporary style dance. 

Among the stunning routines, Lindsey also took us to the desert of Israel to play the medley of ‘We Three Kings’ and ‘Carol Of The Bells.’ To end Home For The Holidays, Lindsey sang, danced, and played blindfolded to a moving routine to her song ‘I Wonder As I Wander.’  

To close out the live stream, Lindsey took to a live Q&A where VIP package guests and fans alike shared their excitement for the show and asked her questions! She explained her creative process of writing songs and crafting the narratives, the inspiration of her songs’ names (like the single ‘Crystalize,’ named after the scientific discovering of how crystals form), and her biggest challenge of learning TikTok and not taking disappointments personally. Lindsey also shared how the Home For The Holidays Special sparked her creativity that she edited herself but also how she also missed seeing the live reactions of the audiences at her shows!

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Featured Image Source: SYD Takeshta/ London Light Photography

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