Louis Tomlinson Makes History With Virtual Concert

Louis Tomlinson Makes History With Virtual Concert

2020 has been a year of uncertainty for most people. It’s been a year that has undoubtedly changed the music industry forever. Within this year, one thing has come to concert junkie’s rescue; livestreams from some of our favorite artists, including Louis Tomlinson!

Virtual concerts have become the new norm this year, and while nothing can quite match the real thing, this temporarily does the trick! These shows have given us fans the opportunity to connect with artists in a new way, and for musicians like Louis Tomlinson, they have been a massive success.

On December 12th, Louis held a livestream that drew 160,000 fans from around the world! Based on the numbers, Louis set the record for the biggest male-artist, livestream! Seeing fans show up to support the artists they love during this time gives us hope for the industry!

If somehow you weren’t aware, Louis was previously in the biggest boyband of all time, One Direction! His fanbase has a huge crossover with the band’s, but after putting out his debut album, Walls, it’s clear he has made a fanbase all of his own!

The setlist for the show had 19 songs and consisted of songs both from his time with One Direction, covers, and songs that are his own. Based on the reaction of fans online, everyone loved it and had the absolute best time! Louis himself spoke out about how much fun he had and how much he appreciated everyone who attended the show. It’s always nice to see artists sincerely appreciate the people who support them, and it’s so clear Louis is very appreciative.

We would love to hear from you! Did you attend the show? What was your favorite moment? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Here at The Honey POP we love Louis! We have covered him a ton and if you want to read even more Louis coverage you can here!


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Danielly do Nascimento Rocha
Danielly do Nascimento Rocha
10 months ago

yes i watch livestream, Louis was amazing and his band too, all spotless was really good


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