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Tate McRae Releases New Track And Video And We Are Not Okay!

Tate McRae Releases New Track And Video And We Are Not Okay!

If you’re anything like us and have been obsessed with the song ‘stupid’ then the name Tate McRae will sound awfully familiar! She has been putting out absolute jams to get us through quarantine; from her hit single ‘you broke me first’ to her newest track ‘r u ok.’

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Last month, after an already successful year, Tate was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 proving even further what a force she is. We love to see women on top and killing it!! Being an artist who is blowing up mid-pandemic brings a whole unprecedented relationship between Tate and her fans. This relationship is based on how much the people who have just completely fallen in love with Tate’s lyrics (it’s us we are people). We have had ‘r u ok’ on repeat since the first listen and can’t wait to continue listening again after writing this.

The Song

Okay, we could genuinely write an essay on how much we love the lyrics of this song. When listening to it, you can put together this story of a relationship that is clearly over and it’s over because of the man’s wrongdoing, yet he’s the one who is actively trying to manipulate his way back in. It’s a tale as old as time and Tate described it beautifully. It’s something so many people can look at and see their own failed relationships. The beat on the other hand isn’t as melancholy as you’d think it would be upon just reading the lyrics. It’s a kind of song we want to drink wine and scream the lyrics to.

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Listen to ‘r u ok’ by Tate McRae here!

The Video

One of the things that we loved in this video was how simple yet impactful it was. It’s shot all in a car and the camera basically goes around and around while different scenarios play out. The colours outside the window add something that is almost hard to explain? It’s just so pleasing to the eyes. You watch Tate’s face throughout the video change into almost a smirk as she sings the lyrics almost as though the realization that the relationship is his loss, not hers, hits her.

What’s Next For Tate?

As of right now, Tate hasn’t released her debut album, however, we are hoping for it soon! For now though, you can listen to her EP ‘all the things i never said.’ If you are wanting to read even more Tate McRae content you can check out this article here!

We would love to hear your thoughts on all things Tate! What’s your favorite lyric? Favorite music video moment? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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