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9 Jonghyun Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of

9 Jonghyun Songs We Can’t Get Enough Of


Dear Shawols, before you proceed we would like to put a content warning and inform you that this article will be mentioning Jonghyun’s passing on December 18th as this is a memorial post. Please be warned and take care of yourself.

Kim Jonghyun was a light that shined very brightly and continues to give a lot of people comfort every day. There is no denying the amount of impact this talented idol has had on the industry. He was one of the first 2nd Gen idols to participate in the lyrics of his group’s song ‘Juliette‘ by SHINee. He was also the first SM idol to collaborate with artists outside of his own company. Moreover, Jonghyun was a voice for the youth and addressed serious issues, using his platform for good. Jonghyun was really one of a kind and his music reflects that. There is no denying we miss him more every day.

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However, Shawols still have his music to keep them company. While Jonghyun wrote music with deep lyrics such as ‘Elevator,’ a song addressing depression, he also wrote songs that were on the lighter and flirtier side. Jonghyun is well known for making some very sexy music. So, we are here today to celebrate the art Jonghyun left Shawols. Get ready as we share which of his baby-making songs we just can’t get enough of!

‘Dress Up’ (2015)

‘Dress Up’ is the sixth track on Jonghyun’s first full album She Is and couldn’t be any sexier! Jonghyun opens with the lines “How are you going to dress up tonight? Tell me.” The idol surely knows how to flirt and with groove nonetheless. Not only is ‘Dress Up’ sexy, but also incredibly groovy! In case you wanted to know why this song made it as the first song on this list, please watch the live performance above. You will understand!

‘Fortune Cookie’ is a hidden track on Jonghyun’s first mini-album Base. It also got a music video through Mnet’s, Four Show. This was the first time for some Shawols, who couldn’t get their hands on the physical album, to hear this bop of a song. It has Jonghyun’s classic sexy signature aka, a man who knows how to seduce Shawols with his amazing voice. We were so happy to see this song get this kind of music video and Jonghyun looks extra amazing in it. He gets up and close with the camera which makes this even sexier!

‘Moon’ (2016)

You will soon be able to tell that Jonghyun’s first album She Is, is full of sexy baby-making songs. Also, that half of its songs have made this list. ‘Moon’ is maybe one of our favorite songs, here at The Honey POP. We maybe have watched this fancam, more times than we would like to admit. But Jonghyun is just a one of a kind performer and ‘Moon’ gives Shawols all the feels. There is just something about Jonghyun dancing shirtless and hitting those high notes that makes this song extra hot.

‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)’ (2015)

‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)’ was Jonghyun’s solo debut song from his first mini-album Base and may we admit that the music video is just top-notch. He mastered the art of producing baby-making songs right off the bat and his debut song just proves it. He slays vocally in a lower range on this track and with an amazing rap feature. Jonghyun is truly a master at everything.

‘Cocktail’ (2016)

Now, simping hours are about to begin, so buckle up. People might think that ‘Cocktail’ is a sad song by its opening sound, but this song is just pure sexiness. Plus, the live performance of it might be the best Jonghyun has ever done. ‘Cocktail’ hits a certain spot with its flawless chorus and amazing vocals. And yes, this song is also off of his album She Is. No one has ever done it like him when it comes to these types of songs and we respect that.

‘Inspiration’ (2015)

No, Shawols haven’t stopped wondering why there isn’t a full music video for this amazing song. ‘Inspiration’ was a song Jonghyun released through SM’s online project SM Station. Besides dropping a music video teaser, nothing else was ever released when this song truly deserved it. ‘Inspiration’ is one of Jonghyun’s grungiest songs and it also gave his concert, INSPIRATION its name. We really can’t get enough of this song, as it is just super sexy and catchy. Also, can we talk about those high notes!

‘AURORA’ (2016)

Welcome to yet another song that’s part of the She Is album. It must be clear by now that this might be the Holy Bible of baby-making songs when it comes to music albums. ‘AURORA’ has a certain type of groove to it that just hits you unexpectedly and you are addicted. The VCR of the song from Jonghyun’s INSPIRATION concert, tells you why this song is so sexy and made it on this list. Which, no shame in that, all aboard the simping train we say!

‘Hallelujah’ (2015)

‘Hallelujah’ is one of Base‘s b-side tracks and thankfully got the chance to be promoted on music shows; Shawols are so grateful for that! This choreography has to be seen and witnessed! ‘Hallelujah’ is not a song about religion at all, it is deep and sexy. Jonghyun really rocks it and that’s why we had to include it on this list. Thank you for this one Jjong!

‘Playboy’ (2015)

Okay, ‘Playboy’ is technically an EXO song, but Jonghyun is the genius behind this masterpiece. Jonghyun only performed ‘Playboy’ a couple of times and all of them are treasured among Shawols. This performance, especially with the backup dancers, is special. Jonghyun’s version of ‘Playboy,’ along with EXO’s, is just pure sexiness. It had to be on this list for all of Jjong’s fans to cherish!

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We really hope you enjoyed this memorial. Jonghyun has touched everyone’s life and because of that, his passing has been felt greatly. There isn’t a day that Shawols don’t miss and appreciate him. So let’s celebrate his work and life and appreciate the sexiness Jonghyun showed to fans while he was alive. Remember, SHINee will always be five.

Image Source: Shawol’s Aqua Blue Ocean via Gfycat

So, what’s your favorite Jonghyun baby-making song? What’s your favorite Jonghyun album and song he has ever written? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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