Dreaming of Hayley Williams? Well Petals For Armor: Self Serenades Is A Dream Come True!

Dreaming of Hayley Williams? Well Petals For Armor: Self Serenades  Is A Dream Come True!

We’re not entirely sure why Hayley Williams doesn’t have a crown yet because she’s definitely a queen of the music scene. Whether she’s owning the emo scene with Paramore or flying solo, she always brings her A-game. In fact, earlier this year, she released her debut solo album, Petals For Armor. It was, of course, amazing. Now, in the season of giving, it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! Petals For Armor: Self Serenades is a stripped-down, acoustic EP version of the album. Basically, if you ever wanted to feel like you’re being serenaded by Hayley Williams herself, now you can!

Petals For Armor: Self Serenades is shorter than the original album, as it’s only three songs. However, it does include a previously unreleased track, ‘Find Me Here.’ In addition to that, you get acoustic versions of ‘Simmer’ and ‘Why We Eve.’

‘Find Me Here’

Getting acoustic versions of songs is always interesting because of how it can change the dynamic or contrast the subject matter of certain songs. For example, look at ‘Simmer,’ which speaks of anger and rage as a “quiet thing” and dealing with those feelings. It’s already a powerful track as is, but stripping it down on Petals For Armor: Self Serenades adds a certain juxtaposition to it. The original track could be interpreted as the fiery, heat-of-the-moment side of rage, while the acoustic version is approaching the emotions outside of the anger and coming to terms with it. We’re not sure if that was an intentional choice or if ‘Simmer’ was turned into an acoustic track for that reason but, either way, we think it’s brilliant. Oh, and it goes without saying, of course, that Hayley is a phenomenal vocalist, but we have to mention how beautiful the vocals on this EP are.

What do you think of the acoustic songs, any favorites? Are there any other songs off the album that you’d love to hear an acoustic version of? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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