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Here’s How Taylor Swift Made 2020 Her Year

Here’s How Taylor Swift Made 2020 Her Year

One could argue that every year is Taylor Swift’s year, and well, we agree this year was extra special for the superstar. From releasing arguably the BEST album of her career to being a voice for causes she believes in, we’re here to cover it all!

Receiving Six Grammy Nominations

Image Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris

For years Taylor has been a favorite of the Academy. She’s had a few snubs that are widely talked about mainly being RED and Reputation but for the most part, they accordingly compensate her for being the greatest of our time. This year for both her album folklore and her track from Cats she earned her six nods. Taylor was nominated in almost every big category including the coveted ‘Album of the Year.’

Using Her Voice To Encourage Her Fans To Vote In The 2020 Election

image source: Taylor Swift via Facebook

2020 has been a year where we’ve seen a lot of celebrities use their platform to speak out about the presidential election, and for the first time, one of these was Taylor Swift. Her newfound voice in politics has been such a huge thing for fans of hers and is showing that she isn’t afraid of losing fans if it means she is standing up for what she believes in. This summer and into the fall with every merch order she sent out she included a card you could scan that showed how to register to vote, resulting in thousands of new voters! And in the aftermath of the election, Taylor allowed her song ‘Only The Young’ to be used in a Biden-Harris campaign video.

Released The Long Pond Studio Sessions On Disney+

image source: Long Pond Studio Sessions/ Disney+

For the last several weeks all we have been able to do is sit and fall further in love with folklore after watching the long pond studio sessions. Recorded at Long Pond studios in upper New York with collaborators Jack Anonoff and Aaron Dessner, came this incredibly beautiful stripped back version of her eighth studio album. The two-hour experience includes commentary from the trio that gives so much insight. A highlight for us was seeing a live performance of her and Bon Iver singing their hit ‘exile.’

Did A ‘Musicians on Musicians’ Interview With The Paul McCartney

image source: Mary McCartney/ Rolling Stone

When we think of the two best songwriters of all time we think of Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. Point blank period. Reading through this interview of two absolute geniuses picking each other’s brains is like watching Picasso paint. Both of them have a unique POV of the industry and give so much insight on being at the top at difference moments in time. Come on, what sounds better than reading an interview between Taylor and one of the BEATLES. They are both such huge fans of each other and it was such a beautiful thing to witness secondhand.

Directed Her Music Video ‘The Man’

Seeing “Directed by Taylor Swift” is how we want to see all further Taylor projects. Her artistic vision and absolute boss mentality are so apparent in this video. ‘The Man’ is a song we’ve been so impressed by since the first listen. It’s a complete commentary on how the industry values men over women, and it’s raw and tragic just like song you might want to belt out at the bar. Taylor being behind and in front of the camera on the set of a song she owns is what we love to see!

Released Her Documentary Miss Americana

image source: Netflix

This documentary is the thing that could turn any Taylor Swift skeptic into a full-blown fan. The doc follows Taylor through hardships like struggling with an eating disorder and discussing her mom’s sickness to her finding her political voice. You see Taylor completely humanized and see her as fans have for years, someone who just wants to make music for the people that want to hear it. But, on the other hand, you also see this new side of Taylor that is okay ruffling some feathers and speaking her mind no matter the backlash. It’s emotional and humourous and gives a completely new look to the starlet. For our thoughts on all things, Miss Americana click here!

Performed On The CMA Stage For The First Time In Seven Years

Image Source: ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM

Yee-Haw Taylor is alive and well! What debut to Red stans have been wanting for years finally happened, and we saw Taylor back on the CMA stage. Seeing her in her element singing ‘Betty’ as an OG fan was such a joy. Upon first listen to this song we knew we were getting a sound we had been missing. While Taylor dominates in the pop scene her roots are in Nashville and she thrives on the Opry stage.

Crowned As The EW Entertainer Of The Year

Image Source: Beth Garrabrant/Entertainment Weekly

Obviously, the people over at Entertainment Weekly are on the same page we are. Giving Taylor this well-deserved title based on her year makes us so happy. Undoubtedly based on her owning both albums she’s released this year has been a highlight of her career.

Released Her Eighth Studio Album folklore

image source: Indigo Music

We could write a 10-page essay in MLA format about how incredible this body of work is. Every single album of Taylor’s has been pure genius, but something about this album is next level. Maybe it’s the team she worked with including Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner, and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Or maybe it’s the mindset Taylor is in. Either way, it made for a career-defining album. One listen to folklore, and you can tell lyrically, it might take the cake as her best album.

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Released Her Ninth Studio Album evermore

image source: Taylor Swift via Instagram

On December 10th, we all checked social media to see Taylor Swift announced her ninth studio album evermore! This album was a complete shock, and Taylor herself calls it the sister album to folklore. While we haven’t had much time to sit with this one, let’s go out on a limb together and say it’s her best. Lyrically? Unreal. Sonically? On point! Every aspect of this album is straight out of our dream scenario. And we can’t talk about evermore without mentioning the dream team she worked on it with. We think it’s pretty clear that Taylor, Jack, Aaron, and Joe should keep making music together forever.

Let’s hear your thoughts! Did we miss a 2020 Taylor moment you loved? What are your thoughts on her albums she’s dropped this year?? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Beth Garrabrant

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