How Halsey Made 2020 Her Year

How Halsey Made 2020 Her Year

What a wild ride 2020 has been? It’s safe to say that none of us quite expected it to play out the way it did. But, here at The Honey POP, we’ve made it our mission to find the silver linings the past year has had to offer. Take Halsey, for example, because despite her Manic World Tour coming to an abrupt end, she’s still managed to ace it this year. So hold on while we take you on a whistle-stop ride through all of the greatest Halsey moments from 2020!


Almost a year after its January release, we’re still head over heels in love with Halsey’s third studio album. The concepts, the colors, and the music videos had us swooning in January, and we’re still swooning now. For example, the video for ‘You Should Be Sad’ was the cultural reset we all needed. Add in the fact that it went Platinum, and it’s a recipe for musical perfection! 

Manic World Tour

Speaking of cultural resets, the Manic World Tour was another in a string of serves that Halsey has dished out this year. It might be almost impossible to remember, but Halsey managed to squeeze in the first leg of her Manic Tour this year, just before most of Europe and the UK went into national lockdowns. Videos of the groundbreaking tour have kept us going through the year and will continue to do so until shows can happen once more!

I Would Leave Me If I Could

2020 wasn’t a year of rest for Halsey either as she dropped her debut poetry book, I Would Leave Me If I Could. It’s no secret that Halsey is one of today’s most talented songwriters, and this book is just another example of how brilliant she is! We poured over the stories hidden inside, and after stanning her for years, we can’t describe just how proud we are of her growth.

‘Experiment On Me’

Alongside a killer album, Halsey took a trip back to her punk roots, and boy, we were there for it! ‘Experiment On Me’ was written and produced with Bring Me The Horizon, so naturally, it is an absolute tune. If heavy guitars and angry choruses are your things, then this is a song that you’ll want to be playing on repeat months after its release. Bonus points to all who were lucky enough to witness it live at The O2 London!

Black Creators Funding Initiative

2020 has also been a year where people have used their voices for change. Halsey has been one of the biggest contenders in the fight for justice. From using her public voice on social media to providing medical assistance to protestors in Los Angeles this summer, she has led by example. She’s also used her influence in the creative industries to pave the way for a host of black creatives through the Black Creators Funding Initiative she spearheaded. 

Five Years of Badlands

2020 was a year that any self-respecting Halsey fan would have been looking forward to because it saw our return to The Badlands. In a normal year, Halsey’s debut record’s 5th anniversary might’ve had a bit more pizazz, but she still managed to have us chasing our tails with cryptic clues online. The cat and mouse chase eventually led us to a limited edition merch line AND a live album from her Webster Hall performances. Be sure to let us know if you were lucky enough to get your hands on something from that surprise merch drop in the comments!

Manic Bonus Tracks

While we’re on the subject of surprise bonus releases, we should probably talk about the bonus tracks off Manic? ‘Wipe Your Tears’ and ‘I’m Not Mad’ are exquisitely beautiful and, if anything, we’re just mad they didn’t make it onto the main album back in January!

Bernie Sanders Interview Series

One of our favorite standout moments has to be the interview series Halsey did with Senator Bernie Sanders! Halsey’s made her political stance crystal clear since the early days of her career, but the insightful discussions in this interview series were both necessary and hopeful. They’re a great place to start if politics is new to you too!

Magnum Live Set

When shows this year have been virtually non-existent, the live set Halsey played was all the more special. The way she effortlessly re-worked songs into an acoustic set was beautiful, and her rendition of ‘Alanis’ Interlude’ still lives in our mind rent-free!

What’s your favorite Halsey memory of 2020? What are you hoping for more from her next year? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Paul Guthrie via Live Design

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