The Neighbourhood’s New Music Video For ‘Stargazing’ Is Out of This World

The Neighbourhood has given us a brand new music video for ‘Stargazing,’ a new track off the deluxe edition of their album Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones. The music video takes place in the Chip Chrome universe and features appearances from stars like Blake Griffin, Mac DeMarco, Alexa Demie, Jaden Smith, Benny Blanco, and even Lana Del Rey. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out!

The music video for ‘Stargazing’ shows a world where The Neighbourhood lives as Chip Chrome and the Mono-Tones. Frontman Jesse Rutherford transforms into someone shiny and new as Chip Chrome. The video, directed by Ramez Silyan, shows the band on tour stopping at several Los Angeles homes.

We watch Chrome go door to door, trying to drum up interest in the people he visits. Initially, the band is rejected by a few of the special guests. After continuing on his journey, we eventually begin to see Chip Chrome embraced with curiosity as he continues to travel to different homes in Hollywood. We have to note how classic it is that Jaden Smith was the first person to show interest in a strange tin man at his door.

The Neighbourhood shows us the power of persistence in ‘Stargazing.’ The audience follows a story of a band on tour, putting in the work to connect with people until finally, the band makes it on stage. We watch the process of Chrome painting his face, putting his costume on and off. We see the looks on Chrome’s face as he goes from excitedly approaching the first home to nervously knocking on the next few. Despite the rejection, we see tender moments from Devon Carlson, Rutherford’s IRL girlfriend, grounding Chrome in goodness and hope. Perhaps Carlson serves as a reminder for Chrome that dreams can come true. After all, she is a gorgeous woman traveling on tour with a guy dressed as a robot. It seems that anything can happen in the Chip Chrome universe.

The World Of Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones

The deluxe edition of Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones features four new songs, including ‘Stargazing.’ Long-time fans of the band may be surprised at the contrast in sound on this album compared to previous pieces of work. The Neighbourhood, perhaps best known for their hit record ‘Sweater Weather,’ is often characterized by the somber mood of their music.

The trend began with their first album, I Love You., released in 2013. A generation of young people confronting emotional demons for the first time gravitated toward The Neighbourhood, as they listened to songs like ‘Sweater Weather’ and ‘W.D.Y.W.F.M.’ As fans struggled to articulate the challenges we faced dealing with mental health, shifting relationships, and the general chaos of growing up, I Love You. served as a soundtrack to the battles we fought. Music on their next few albums ushered in new eras of The Neighbourhood, but the minor chords and brooding sound never changed dramatically.

Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones is a complete departure from what many would expect from the California group. While The Neighbourhood’s previous albums had highlighted our angst as we grew out of adolescence, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones let us reflect on our challenges with a new perspective.

“We came out of the gate pretty hot and successful with ‘Sweater Weather,’ but then I always got stuck in my head and thought, ‘How can I do it again?’ I didn’t want to do that this time; I wanted to do something totally new.” 

Jesse Rutherford

This album is Jesse Rutherford’s expansion into a new way of writing music. The major chords heard throughout the record reflect Rutherford’s own expansion into musical styles that have helped him find his voice. As many of us have done since The Neighbourhood’s debut, it seems that Rutherford has grown into embracing the uncertainty of self-reflection. We may not know the entirety of who we are, but we have enough bits and pieces to get a clue. And even if those pieces are vastly different, as Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones is from The Neighbourhood’s previous albums, they still make up one whole.

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Do you like the new sound The Neighbourhood is coming out with? Have you enjoyed the video for ‘Stargazing’ as much as we have? Let us know in the comments below or online at @TheHoneyPop on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: The Neighbourhood Website

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