nothing, nowhere. And The Trauma Factory

nothing, nowhere. And The Trauma Factory

nothing, nowhere Releases a New Single in the Wake of an Album Announcement

Vermont native, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Mulherin launched project nothing, nowhere, and hasn’t looked back. Creating a connection with fans through the music, the unique sounds keep us coming back quite possibly, even more intrigued than the time before. An honest, wholesome one of a kind connection is what solidifies Mulherin’s place in the music industry and consistently urges him to push aside his fears and step in front of the world to share his artistry. Seeing the potential that his music holds, delivering help and change, ranging from small to significant, nothing, nowhere is revolutionary.

A seamless introspective into flawless mixtures of alternative, pop, rap, and punk music N,N. creates music that amasses an incredible uniqueness all its own.

Delivering truckloads of relevant music, nothing, nowhere. doesn’t stop as he unpacks the announcement of new album Trauma Factory. Arriving February 19th, 2021, we get to preview the forthcoming album with a single ‘fake friend.’ 

The single gears up in classic fashion, breaking barriers and combining genres while gliding over skilled guitar only to bleed into vicious verses. With sounds this good, sorry but we don’t need a ‘fake friend’.

nothing, nowhere – ‘fake friend’

We can expect nothing but great things from Trauma Factory and nothing, nowhere. confirms just that, as he comments that the album is an incredible accumulation of songs written during a confusing time. Agreeably so, he continues that the album focuses on accepting the present and following true even through all the pain and suffering that human life entails. Finding ground that is ‘genre-less’ N, N. both inspires and challenges others to defy their artistic boundaries. Believing that the most inspiring type of art is unrestricted and unpredictable, this man knows his shit.  

nothing, nowhere – ‘lights (4444)

While we certainly have enough of our own, we know we will find our way to the Trauma Factory. Digging the limitless tunes from nothing, nowhere. is something we’re not going to shut up about.

Are you stoked for the new album? Clearly, we are! Let us know your thoughts about ‘fake friend’ or anything nothing, nowhere. related by commenting down below or hollering at us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP 


Featured Image Source: Kate Fitzgerald

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