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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Sam And Colby 2.0 And Hello To 25×25

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Sam And Colby 2.0 And Hello To 25×25

Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are better known as the YouTube paranormal hunting duo Sam And Colby by their loyal following of XPLR’s. These two childhood best friends and exploring buddies have been breaking barriers and making waves since their days on VINE, but since joining the YouTube fam, they seem to have skyrocketed to fame and popularity.

Image Source: Sam and Colby via Twitter

This year, amidst the pandemic lockdowns and the life-reflecting alone time, Sam and Colby have been working hard trying to come up with ways to reinvent themselves and their channel because while we LOVE their ghost hunting adventures and paranormal mishaps, there’s only so many haunted/abandoned places you can go. Besides that, doing something so consistently can cause you to lose your passion for it (burnout is real, people!)

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So, they wanted to spice it up! Thus, Sam and Colby have announced their new chapter: 25×25. A series focused on the guys completing at least 25 things on their bucket lists BEFORE they turn 25 (hence the name 25×25)! They will be bringing this series to fans in the new year, and if you’re as stoked about it as we are, clap your hands (that should be everyone! Even you, we see you- CLAP.THOSE.HANDS)!

We thought what a better way to kick off the new chapter then to bid farewell to the old ones by taking a trip down memory lane to look back on some of Sam and Colby’s most memorable career moments from their entire YouTube career! So, if you’re ready, let’s get right into it!

Paradise Island

Sam and Colby wrote a bookParadise Island is the duo’s first-ever written ghost story published to the public! The plot of the story is as follows: “Sam and Colby’s vacation in paradise goes from enchanting, to weird, to deadly, when Trey, an old acquaintance, insists they can’t leave without a visit to the legendary Na Pali Coast. It turns out Trey has been living at the infamous Belle Estate, owned by a wealthy and eccentric widow—who locals believe is a witch. The only thing odder than how a twenty-three-year-old college kid from Utah ended up living in a remote and isolated mansion on the North Shore of Kauai is that he is romantically involved with a woman old enough to be their grandmother. Belle Estate’s walls hold an eerie sway over all who enter, and a dark, shadowy presence seems to be following them around the grounds. When an unfavourable change of plans forces them to stay overnight, Sam and Colby are in for the most terrifying encounter of their lives.” It’s a true ghost story for the new age explorers! 

And, as bookworms, we may be a little too overjoyed about the new book smell that comes along with receiving our copy of the book (don’t @ us, we know you know what we’re talking about,) but that’s not even the best part! Paradise Island is a No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories list, and it’s in the top 25 overall Teen Best Sellers! Quite an accomplishment for first time authors if we do say so ourselves! We hope there are more books in the future for this ghost hunting pair, and if you need any inspiration and feel like hitting us up, you know where to find us!🤞


Sam and Colby started this project to help those struggling with well … life. They wanted to create a safe community for young people to come together and be there for each other as they learned life’s lessons together. They made it their mission to share with the MetaLife members their own experiences and things they do to cope and manage the difficult aspects of life, including mental health struggles. While the project may be shut down now (closing less than a year after creation due to unfortunate circumstances), fans are still grateful for what they learned during their time as part of the community and still use many of the skills and lessons they learned. And, that friends, is what matters- leaving a lasting impact on other people’s lives even in such a short amount of time.

The Biltmore Hotel Series

The Biltmore is the last place that Elizabeth Short (aka The Black Dahlia) was seen alive. Elizabeth was last seen talking on the phone to someone before she left the hotel and was never seen alive again (the phone thing is significant, but you’ll have to watch the videos to find out why)! Sam and Colby went on a Biltmore Hotel adventure TWICE, and both times they were accompanied by their longtime friends Corey Sherer and Jake Webber, who are also well-known YouTubers and attend a lot of the ghost hunts with SnC. Both times they stayed at this hotel, weird, spooky, and maybe not-so-coincidental things started happening, not only while they were staying there but even after they left. Jake and Corey seemed to be affected the most by the residual energy from one of the most haunted hotels in the US (again, watch the videos and find out why), so much so that they were both in minor car accidents after they visited the hotel. All we can say is this series still gives us chills, but we are glad they made it out alive, and maybe don’t be answering anymore haunted hotel telephones, guys!

Queen Mary’s Castle Series

Most people would probably say the Queen Mary Ship series over the castle, but not us! While the ship did keep us in suspense, the castle was just full-on terrifying! We feel like this trip gave the explorers the most evidence they’ve ever had in a series so far. They almost immediately started capturing things, and it didn’t end after the seance was over (yeah, maybe we should stop doing those, guys!) Not only did they capture a ton of “evidence,” we feel that this series helped all parties involved come to terms with their past encounters. It helped them have the courage to revisit some places and spirits from their pasts to try and get some closure and get rid of their “demons.” Whether you believe the evidence they caught is real or not, it’s still worth the watch for suspense and the chill factor of 9000! But, fair warning, there is talk of demonic entities and other beings that may be too extreme for some audiences! 

The Stanley Hotel Series

Lucy. What can we say about this one except for Lucy? We get chills every time we watch this series! It’s not their scariest series, but certain aspects of it leave us scratching our heads in shock and confusion while goosebumps form all over our bodies. The ghost of Lucy being the main attraction for us, and, of course, the fact that Stephen King’s The Shining is based on this exact location! The king of horror himself found this hotel to be spooky enough to use as a setting for his book, so if that doesn’t pique your interest, we don’t know what will!

Winchester Mystery House

Sam and Colby partnered with Hot Topic on this video to bring fans some exclusive merch, including Winchester Mystery House t-shirts. Though nothing too extraordinary happened on this exploration, exploring the house on its own is enough of an adventure. Due to its design, which was built to confuse and distract ghosts, there are so many fake entrances, exits, staircases, nooks, and cranny’s that you’d sooner get lost before running into a spirit. Aside from the supposed hauntings, the house is a historical oddity and worth the watch if only to admire the beautiful, skillful architecture! Plus, the ghost hunting foursome of Sam, Colby, Corey, and Jake are their usual spunky selves, so there’s never a dull moment.

Winning A Teen Choice Award For ‘Choice YouTuber’

2019 was a pretty big winning year for the duo! They won three awards total, the first being the Teen Choice Award for ‘Choice YouTuber,’ which was not only their first TCA award but also their first award EVER and was the first award of their winning streak. They also went on to win a Streamy Award in the ‘Best Action or Sci-Fi Series’ category and ‘Breakout Creator’ at the 2019 Catalyst Content Awards Gala. A huge milestone! We can definitely see more awards in their future, and we will be here supporting them through it all!

Love For Hire

Our boys ventured into music this Sam and Colby season, creating a boyband with Corey Scherer and Jake Webber (remember them?). The band, while mainly for fun and satire, have actually released some catchy AF bops- ‘WAH WAH WAH’ and ‘HUG,’ both of which seem to play endlessly in our heads, so they’re pretty much our life anthems now. We guess you could say they make our hearts go ‘wah wah wah.’ 😉

Incredible YouTube Collaborations

One thing we LOVE about Sam and Colby’s channel is the outstanding collaborations they do! They’ve so far worked with some incredible names, including fellow YouTubers LARRAYManny MuaLaurDIYJessie PaegeCrankThatFrank, and Kian & JC. Sam and Colby C take their fellow tubers to abandoned/haunted places to explore during these collabs, and our favorite part besides seeing their reactions is watching the group bonding together. As much as we would jump at the chance to explore with Sam and Colby (you hear that? Hit us up, fellas!), we also know that we would be scared out of our minds, and many of their collaborators’ reactions reflect precisely how we would feel. 

Their team-up with Kian & JC brought fans a collaborative merch line called Better Together. Fans of both YouTube duos were offered limited-edition merch, and they could snatch it up while the team explored the wilderness and nearly got eaten by coyotes/wolves. It was all in good fun, and their team-up also resulted in some amazing charity donations, which we will get into next!

Charities, Fundraisers, And Taking A Stand

Sam and Colby have spoken out in support of many important movements such as the Black Lives Matter campaign, joining protests and tweeting out resources to help their followers get involved and encourage them to use their voices and platforms to make a difference.

They have also donated to multiple charity organizations, including The Midnight Mission and The JED Foundation. Remember that Kian & JC collab we mentioned before? Well, that collab created the merch wars. The merch designs featured were separated by teams #TeamXPLR and #TeamKNJ, and for every team shirt sold, a percentage was donated to their team’s chosen charity, as stated above: The Midnight Mission and The JED Foundation. Team XPLR won, but both teams were able to give a generous contribution to their charity. 

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Before that, way back at the beginning of the year, Colby ran a merch fundraiser to raise money for the Australian wildfires. The items featured an absolutely adorable Koala, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t own a piece or two from that merch line!

Personal YouTube Channel Shenanigans

On top of their explore channel, Sam and Colby also run their individual YouTube channels. Each one has signature types of videos that they VLOG about, but they appear in each other’s videos from time to time.

Colby’s channel focuses a lot of attention on scary TikTok videos and scariest ghost stories/encounters. More specifically, him reacting to them. We get to watch his reaction in real-time, and though some of these ghoulish videos are fake ghost stories for the internet, some of them are actually pretty scary. They get pretty chilling when they can’t be debunked!

Sam tends to keep the paranormal dabbling going on his channel as his VLOG’s consist of 3 AM challenges where he plays spooky “games” at three in the morning (they are rituals, people)! Many of which require you to summon things (Sam, please stop playing the Midnight Game)! However, he has recently been stepping away from the supernatural and been playing more chilled out and low-key games like hide and seek and real-life Among Us with his group of friends, and it’s super entertaining and fun to watch. #SquadGoals

Image Source: Sam and Colby via Twitter

There you have it, XPLR’s! Highlights from Sam and Colby’s career, and in preparation for their new chapter: 25×25! We can’t wait to see the guys next year with more videos! ✌️(also, can we come?!)

Image Source: Tenor

Which moment of Sam and Colby is your favorite? Did it make our list? What do you expect from the new era, and where do you think the guys will end up? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: as posted by Sam and Colby via Twitter

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  • Nice article. Can you please find out what happened between Jake/Corey and Sam and Colby? I know they’re still living together, but something hasn’t seemed right between the 4 of them since the Cerro Gordo film—they haven’t had a single video with all 4, and Sam has unfollowed Elton on everything. Bonus points if you can find out what happened with Aaron. Spill that tea, please!

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