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Here’s How SEVENTEEN Made 2020 Their Year

Here’s How SEVENTEEN Made 2020 Their Year

Honestly, we all know how eventful the year 2020 has been, and not in a good way. But, have no fear because there is always a light in the darkness. For the year 2020, that was SEVENTEEN. What an incredible year it’s been for them! So, please sit back and relax as we take a look back at all SEVENTEEN has had to offer us these past twelve months.

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Japanese Releases (‘Fallin’ Flower’ & ’24H’)

Oh, what did we do to deserve the treasure that is ‘Fallin Flower?’ Not only is the MV, choreography, and song absolutely beautiful, but it has broken a couple of records and continues to top Japan charts. The track is the best-selling single by a Korean artist on Billboard Japan. It also had the highest sales in Japan by a foreign act in 2020. ‘24H’ is not much different than ‘Fallin’ Flower.’ They are like two sides of the same coin, both instant hits. And even though the MV for ’24H’ is slightly more simple than the ‘Fallin’ Flower’ one, both have that exact aesthetic and choreography that you can’t look away from. ’24H’ also has ranked No. 6 on Billboard Japan 2020- hot albums, as of the end of the year.

Hit The Road

From just the prologue of Hit The Road, you instantly become hooked. Hit The Road showed us a more in-depth look into what goes on when SEVENTEEN is on tour, which is a lot. The mini-series showcased everything we loved about them; their funniness, drive, and sympathy. Each member gets their very own episode, which is great. It really helps show off their personalities and helps fans, or even non-fans, connect to them even more. That was something well worth the watch. 


Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

Just in time for the Summer, SEVENTEEN dropped mini-album, Heng:garæThis is their seventh mini-album, and they really brought us a good mix of feelings. With tracks such as dance hit ‘Left & Right,’ cutesy ‘My My,’ and iconic track ‘Fearless,’ it was a great album, overall. It took Carats on a ride through youth with all six of its tracks. 

‘Left & Right’

‘Left & Right’ kind of became the dance song of the Summer and K-Pop in general, kicking off the theater SEVENTEEN for the year. It charted No. 1 on MelOn, Genie, and Bugs. It gave us more colorful stages with streetwear for every performance and SEVENTEEN posting more on TikTok! They started a ‘Left & Right’ challenge on their TikTok with everyone joining in on the fun and showing off their other K-Pop friendships. 


Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

After not seeing each other since the beginning of quarantine, something was obviously missing. Bringing in Carats from 121 countries, SEVENTEEN presented Caratland, for the fourth time. A concert more than a couple of hours long, Carats were gifted the luxury of a SEVENTEEN concert and hangout. Caratland featured many segments like they would have in Going SEVENTEEN, along with a mix of new and old tracks, remade by the opposite unit. If you didn’t watch it, you missed the SVT and Carat collab of ‘Lucky’ and a never-ending ‘Snap Shoot.’ TEEN VOGUE even included Caratland as one of the best moments of K-Pop in 2020. 


seventeen semicolon
Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

Semicolon was their latest album release of the year (October 19th). The tag line and teaser for this special album were “Take a break there’s a long journey ahead of you,” and along with its other beautiful teasers, Carats instantly knew it would be something special. Not only did the album include special units for the album (for the very first time), with each track varying in theme, but with its lead track ‘HOME;RUN,’ it was instantly a hit!


The leading track off their latest album (Semicolon), ‘HOME;RUN,’ was everything the teasers made it out to be. Leading up to the release of this iconic track, the teasers showed a theater/retro vibe from the group, so there was a lot of anticipation. Through every performance, especially their MAMA 2020 performance, they show that they can keep changing while putting on a unique musical that is truly theirs. We also have to mention that TIME has chosen ‘HOME;RUN‘ as one song that defined K-Pop’s monumental year in 2020.

Million Sellers

Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

For every new year, SEVENTEEN seems to be breaking their own records and achievements. This year for album sales, the group has become triple million sellers from United World Chart, two million sellers from Gaon, and one million sellers on Hanteo charts, respectfully. With each album sales, especially for United World Chart, they had the 2nd (Heng:garæ) and 3rd biggest debuts (Semicolon). 

Prime Minister Commendation

Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

One incredible award the group received this year was the ‘Prime Minister Commendation’ at the 2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award. It’s an honor only three other K-Pop boy groups have received, so they are in good company. What also makes this award even more special it realizing further that they are making such an impact on the arts in Korea.

Solo Projects

Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

As usual, the group has their own things they had done this year and accomplished, so here are just a few. Dino released Dino’s Danceology, where he finished the year off with a great dance cover of ‘Thin White Lies’ by 5SOS. Speaking of dancing, The8 released his own incredible contemporary art. Moving over to the vocal unit, Seungkwan showed off his vocals while recording an OST, while Joshua and DK were both featured on Pink Sweat$ ’17’ remix, both the original and remix, wow. Not to mention Woozi became the youngest idol to surpass 100 song copyrights under his name. 

Bring Out The Awards & Recognitions

Image Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter (@pledis_17)

There is so much SEVENTEEN has accomplished in the year 2020, and this is just to name a few. The group has received four music show wins for both ‘Left & Right’ and ‘HOME;RUN.’ They also got some really cool awards from TMA (THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS) for the ‘Year’s Artist Award,’ and the ‘Popularity Award’ for Overseas Male Group from Apan Music Awards. Also,‘Asia Pioneer Idol Group Of The Year’ on QQ Boom Booms Awards.

See Also

The group has also surpassed one billion streams as of 2020 on Spotify, and they were selected as the ‘Best Korean Artist of 2020’ by Korean Agencies Representatives. They broke a 12-year-old record in Japan, which was previously held by the Backstreet Boys, by constantly topping Oricon’s Weekly Chart for two consecutive weeks with a foreign album. They even dominated Japan’s HMV Best of 2020 with ‘Fallin Flower’ at No. 1, Heng:garæ at No. 2, ‘24H’ at No. 3, Semicolon at No. 5, and An Ode at No. 10. 

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

There is so much they have done this year, and we can only assume we will be seeing a lot of SEVENTEEN in the upcoming year. What’s your favorite SEVENTEEN memory of 2020? What are you hoping for from them next year? Let us know in the comments down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or talking to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

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