Here’s Why Louis Tomlinson Is A Ray Of Sunshine In Our Lives

Here’s Why Louis Tomlinson Is A Ray Of Sunshine In Our Lives

Louis Tomlinson- a name that is bound to bring a smile on your face, and if you’re his superfan just like we are at The Honey Pop, you should already know that feeling! 29 years ago, Louis was born on Christmas eve, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he’s truly a Christmas blessing in our lives!

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Feels just like yesterday when our favorite Doncaster lad walked on the stage of The X-Factor UK ten years ago and won our hearts with his phenomenal talent, fun-loving & heart-warming personality, and his million… nah, billion-dollar smile! We knew deep down inside in our hearts that a star is in the making. Louis was quickly thrust into the spotlight when put together alongside Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik that gave birth to One Direction which wasn’t just another boy band but a worldwide phenomenon who took the world by storm broke every record and got loved by millions of people across the globe!

And now our little Donny lad is all grown up. He has built his reputation from Louis from One Direction to Louis Tomlinson, one of the finest and bonafide artists in the music industry, an incredibly talented musician with mellifluous vocals, and a prolific songwriter. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is ‘home’ to many of us fans who support him unconditionally, he’s an inspiration to millions of people, his sparkling wit, and fun personality uplift our moods every time, and of course, he’s the true pride of Britain!

We can write many books on why we love Louis Tomlinson but here are a few reasons why he’s a ray of sunshine in our lives!

Personifies Strength And Greatness

Louis Tomlinson personifies strength, and no, we aren’t spicing this up. Louis did not always have it easy. He had his fair share of downs and setbacks in life all these years, to say the least, but he came a long way and what matters the most at the end is how Louis dealt with them. Not just that his keen determination tore down the walls holding him back and overcame hurdles strongly but he passed on the same to us through his songs.

As he sings, “Life gets hard and it gets messed up/ when you give so much but it’s not enough,” and “Don’t you let it kill you/ Even when it hurts like hell/ Oh whatever tears your apart/ Don’t let it break your heart!” Wow, he has a way with words to reach our hearts, doesn’t he?

A Still of content looking Louis on LT world tour 2020 in March via Social Media

Louis is our little warrior! And if we talk about this dreadful year 2020, we kept chanting his mantra, “If it all goes wrong, darlin’ just hold on!”

Passion And Dedication Lead To Perfection

We all know how passionate Louis is about his work. He honed his songwriting skills during his years in One Direction which marks a great significance in the band’s overall success- something he is immensely proud of. But after hiatus he took his time to think and reflect on his next steps debuting as a solo artist. He released his first single ‘Just Hold On’ in December 2016, featuring Steve Aoki, and smashed his first-ever performance on The X-Factor- a moment of immense bravery, utter professionalism, strength, and emotions for which he was commended by everyone and that’s forever going to live in our hearts!

After releasing subsequent pop singles ‘Back To You’, ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Miss You,’ that encompassed his versatility and reflected his ability to turn situations and emotions into catchy tunes that you are bound to sing and dance along, it marked the end of an era. In 2019, Louis made a smashing return with the emotionally charged masterpiece Walls & told us what success truly means to him in an honest, heartfelt candid post.

“I’m lucky enough to have a very loyal and supportive fanbase who want as much music from me as possible. I’m here to make music I love and make my fans proud to say they’re a fan!” Not that we are surprised to see this coming from him but we are truly touched, Louis!

Louis x Louies: An Unbeatable Bond

Talking about Louis Tomlinson and not mentioning his unflinchingly loyal fan base, better known as louies, is impossible. The relationship between these two feel rare and special as it’s one of the most loyal, personal, and heart-warming celebrity-fan relationships, one that other artists’ teams would strive for. They are not just a fandom, they’re a tight-knitted family, one who will do anything to protect each other and feel loved. And it’s not one way. You will find these passionate fans supporting him, dedicated and unconditionally, every second of every day, stepping up to promote his work, making numerous campaigns and trends showcasing their wonderful creativity and talent like it’s their job, then even Louis never hesitates to shield his fans from those who decide to mess with them. (trust us, it’s scary.)

Louis Tomlinson at Capital Radio Studios surrounded by fans in London/ Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images
Louis Tomlinson meeting fans outside an interview studio

They enjoy fun banters on social media and meeting him at signings, meet & greets, etc. And Louis tries his best to cherish and make them feel welcomed. He calls his fans a part of his family, encouraging their participation in his work, and truly justifies it! That’s why we aren’t surprised if you ask a fan and they say, Louis feels like ‘home’!

Has A Heart Of Gold And Spreads Love, Wherever He Goes

Louis Tomlinson is such a sweet soul and radiates kindness wherever he goes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is a light and a flicker of hope in many people’s lives and without realizing it, he has helped so many people. And his warm giving nature and generous heart doesn’t just extend to his fans.

Louis spending time with Harryson at TXF through Make A Wish

To him, helping others and giving back to people whenever and where ever he can are two of the most important things and it’s special because he genuinely wants to make a difference without expecting anything in return. Ever since he began his career, he has gone out of his way to help those in need.

He has organized charity galas, been part of many campaigns and he has donated millions to help many charities and people in need, some of which are well known but many of these donations are made privately and not for the press or the plaudits it would bring. It’s purely for the sheer fact that Louis could use his platform to raise awareness, voice his opinions, use his resources to help others and knows his active involvement will bring shine on these charities, for instance, Free My Meal drive, and that’s exactly what he encourages others to do!

In a world like today, we need more Louis Tomlinson!

Never Takes Anything For Granted

Despite being a global sensation and owning our world, Louis is connected to his roots and remembers where he comes from and his humble upbringing plays a vital role in this. He has worked hard to be where he is today and is thankful for every single achievement he has had so far. Not only does he encourages his peers and best friends, but he never fails to thank his fans for their everlasting support!

See for yourself what we are talking about!

Louis Tomlinson via Twitter

So now you know why we adore Louis so much. This is not the whole story but a mini glimpse inside our hearts for y’all to see what a precious gem he is! What’s your favorite thing about Louis Tomlinson? Do you love him as much as we do? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP and join us on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Twitter

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