We Have Ruel’s Music Video for ‘say it over’ on Repeat!

We Have Ruel’s Music Video for ‘say it over’ on Repeat!

Australian singer Ruel has released the music video for his song ‘say it over’ featuring Cautious Clay. We just cannot stop watching! If you haven’t seen the music video for this emotional track, check it out right here.

If you’ve heard ‘say it over’ before you’d know that this song is pretty emotional. The lyrics delve into the ins and outs of a troubled relationship, where partners can’t seem to get on the same page. Ruel delivers a perfect performance in the minimalist music video. Four minutes of somber black, whites, and grays keep viewers enthralled enough in the artistic visuals; but the simplicity of the scenes keeps listeners in tune with the emotions the song conveys.

An appearance from Cautious Clay brings the visual together. Seeing Clay reflected in Ruel’s white T-shirt creates a parallel to the effect the singer adds to the track vocally. Two voices meld together to tell different parts of the same story. The visual of Cautious Clay on Ruel’s back, serves as an image of a subconscious conversation. Why aren’t things working? Why is love not enough? According to Ruel, finding the person you want doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending. Even though the song is a little sad, fans can take comfort in the fact that this video is lowkey a thirst trap.

‘Say it over’ is a song on Ruel’s 2020 EP Bright Lights, Red Eyes. Make sure to check out the EP for more music from one of our favorite Australians. How are you feeling about the ‘say it over’ music video? Let us know online in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: ‘say it over’ music video

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