Can We Influence You To Check Out The Influencers?

Can We Influence You To Check Out The Influencers?

Do you live for the drama of reality TV? Are you up to date with popular influencers and all the tea? If the answer to those questions was yes, then boy, do we have a show for you! New to Amazon Prime VideoThe Influencers is a mockumentary-style show following the lives of, you guessed it, influencers. The show centers around six social media stars who are competing with one goal in mind: becoming the face of Jücytox. That sounds kinda familiar, huh?

Which one are you rooting for?

The creator, who also stars in the show, Mike Heslin, says that The Influencers appeals to a large audience. Whether you’re a fan or a critic of the current social media age and the rise of influencer culture, this satirical look behind the camera is sure to be a source of entertainment. Who doesn’t love a good satire piece? We know we do, and with the success of influencer culture and the discourse surrounding it, this show is sure to throw a fresh and new perspective into the limelight. Not to mention, it looks like it’ll be hilarious. It’s already available on Amazon Prime Video so, what are you waiting for? Try and predict who wins the Jücytox brand deal- it’ll be fun!

The Influencers creator Mike Heslin
Image Source: Mike Heslin

Are you planning on watching the show? Is there a particular influencer you’re going to be rooting for? Let us know your thoughts and predictions about the show by dropping a comment! You can also tweet us to your heart’s content over @thehoneypop on Twitter!

Need more things to watch? Tune in to these!


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