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Somehow We Managed To Rank Our Top 20 Songs Of 2020

Somehow We Managed To Rank Our Top 20 Songs Of 2020

2020 has been quite the year, full of tragedy and uncertainty for most of us, but there has been one constant—the music. The music released this year was the lifeblood pushing us through days that would have been unbearable otherwise. As the year comes to a close (thank god!), it’s time to compile a list of the top 20 songs that came out of a year unlike any other.

‘Wonder’ – Shawn Mendes

If you’ve read The Honey POP for a while, you know how we feel about Shawn Mendes. All of his music is stellar. However, he was on another level with ‘Wonder.’ His vocals in this song alone are worthy of his place on this list. The first time we heard this song and heard the words “I wonder, when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man,” it took our breath away. It’s such a raw and real lyric that you don’t hear enough men in the industry address. 

‘If The World Was Ending’ – Julia Michaels & JP Saxe

Our new favorite couple came and warmed our hearts with this breathtakingly beautiful song. It’s doubtful you can turn on the radio and not hear this song; it’s everywhere! The back and forth between the two and how the lyrics “if the world was ending, you’d come over, right?” is delivered … it’s heartbreaking hearing the breathy “right” at the end. Almost as though you’re second-guessing if the person would indeed come over.

‘Dynamite’ – BTS

BTS has completely taken over the world this last year, and a big part of that was due to the massive success of their hit song ‘Dynamite.’ This song is the absolute perfect track for a dance party, and yes, ARMY, we are fully prepared for a giant dance party post-COVID. We are so glad to see a song this good blow up the way it has for this band. Have you seen the beats they dropped? Phenomenal.

‘Watermelon Sugar’ – Harry Styles

We, like everyone else, are in love with Harry Styles. This song is such a feel-good summer song. It puts us in the best mood. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ earned Harry a Grammy nomination, which is exactly what he deserves. We can’t say enough good things about this track. Whether it’s the lyrics or the warmth of the music video, we’re smitten.

‘Fake’ – Lauv & Conan Gray

Can we talk about the aesthetic of this music video? Unreal. The cheetah print jackets, incredible. This song? It’s just the best for shouting at the top of your lungs. ‘Fake’ is the best of “what’s next” in music and consists of two of the fastest rising male pop singers, Lauv and Conan. They’re the next big thing, and this song is just one example of why they’re going all the way to the top.

‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ – Taylor Swift

We couldn’t do a best of music list without including at least one song from folklore. This song is the story of Rebekah Harkness, who died in 1982, and lived in the house Taylor Swift bought in Rhode Island. Rebekah was the talk of the town when she was with us, and Taylor compares herself to Harkness, saying they both had a marvelous time ruining everything. This is one of the most story-driven songs we’ve ever heard. It shows how evolved Taylor’s songwriting is. We will also now and forever refer to our friend group as our “Bitch pack friends.” 

‘ICIMY’ – Phoebe Ryan

This song is a complete smash. Period. It’s the happiest song in the world while also still being emotionally driven. We want to dance around our rooms, singing it forever. The message of “what am I supposed to do, in case I miss you” is one that is so relatable to everyone. You never can imagine what you’ll do when you don’t have your person anymore. This song takes the good and the bad, making it palatable and relatable.

‘Left & Right’ – SEVENTEEN

K-pop has taken the mainstream music industry by storm this year! One listen to this song by SEVENTEEN, and we are convinced you’ll hear why! We automatically want to be at a party when this song comes on! Hearing how good this song is, makes us hope that SEVENTEEN has even more success in 2021! This song’s beat is so killer and is definitely one we will be putting in our pregame playlists!

‘Say So’ – Doja Cat

Another TikTok song hot off the app. If you’ve opened the app, you’ve heard this song. The track made Doja Cat completely blow up this year to the point of massive chart success and Grammy nominations. We have spent months trying to learn the dance to this song, and after having listened to it hundreds of times at this point, we can certify that it never gets old.

‘Bad To Myself’ – Greyson Chance

This song hit us like a ton of bricks. It’s a very intense and emotional song for anyone who has struggled with self-hatred. Hearing it for the first time and hearing the lyrics “no demon in me that I can’t fight” was like a punch to the gut. Greyson never puts out duds, and we’re happy to place him on this list and thankful for music like this that can help us feel less alone, especially this year.

‘Favourite Ex’ – Maisie Peters

This song brings us to tears every time we hear it. It’s all about that feeling of looking back on a relationship with so much fondness. We all have the one ex that was just everything, but it just didn’t work out. The song describes it beautifully, and it’s for sure best listened to while crying in the shower. And yes, we are speaking from personal experience.

‘NOW’ – Olivia O’Brien

Everything Olivia touches turns to gold, and this song, which samples Akon, is no different. This song makes us want to drink some wine and dance around our rooms, desperately pretending we’re at a club. It feels very early 2000’s and will add some much-needed nostalgia to your life. Plus those colors? You know it’s a good time with a unique concept behind it.

‘What A Man Gotta Do’ – Jonas Brothers

Listen, there’s nothing that gets us going quite like an unbelievable Jonas Brothers track. We would never have thought a few years back we’d be talking about how in the year 2020, this band we grew up with just put out one of the best songs of their career. This song is fun and feels like it would fit perfectly in a modern-day Grease remake. Just listen to it, and you’ll hear what we’re talking about. 

‘Ice Cream’ – BLACKPINK Feat. Selena Gomez

This song completely took over after it’s release. It’s the bubblegum pop song we were dying for from Selena and the K-pop collab we never know we needed. It’s a complete jam and an all-female song, which is always something we have to stan. This banger has been playing everywhere and has given BLACKPINK the mainstream success in the US they deserve. We are desperate for even more genre crossover’s from K-pop girl groups and western pop girls!

‘Bitter’ – Fletcher Feat. Kito

Fletcher doesn’t get the credit she deserves for making a perfect song for anyone aware they are that b*tch. Everything in this song, from the lyrics to the beat, is *chef’s kiss*. And yes, we do listen to this while doing our makeup and singing to the mirror. Anytime you want to feel like the pettiest person in the world, you can turn on this song and live your best life.

See Also

‘Hailey’ – WRENN

Many of us have dealt with being cheated on, but it’s a whole different thing when it’s with the person they told you not to worry about. This song perfectly describes the feeling of wishing they had cheated on you with literally anyone else other than that one person that you always expected. It’s both heartbreaking and unifying to hear this song and know that other people deal with it. It’s perfect for dancing around your house while you scream-sing the words, or to cry to, double whammy!

‘Stupid’ – Tate McRae

We love a good love song that is so chill and such a vibe that you could picture it playing in a club, and that is this track. In the song, Tate says, “only think about him on the weekdays and weekends,” and honestly, we all thought of someone when we heard that lyric. In our minds, it’s a certified bop. Tate is well on her way to being one of the hottest rising girls in pop, and this song is the perfect example of why! We will be blasting this long into 2021.

‘Savage’ – Megan Thee Stallion

Yet another smashing song from TikTok makes our list; how can it not?! This song was everywhere in 2020 and has launched an incredible career for Megan. We have added this track to all of our playlists to hype ourselves up. The remix featuring Beyoncé is equally as incredible, but we had to give the OG some love. We are convinced that everything Megan touches turns to gold.

‘no body, no crime’ – Taylor Swift Feat. HAIM

Did you think we were only going to add one song from Taylor? Impossible. This country-infused ‘Before He Cheats’ tease is one of the best collaborations Taylor has ever done. We can all get behind a song about killing a man that cheated on our friend; it’s called doing hot girl s*it. Taylor herself said this song was born out of binging true crime shows and podcasts, so it’s good to know she’s had the same pandemic binges we have. We couldn’t include every song from evermore even though they are all deserving, so if you want our opinions on all things evermore, check out this article

‘Get Out Alive’ – Andrea Russett

Andrea has had an online presence for years and years, making YouTube videos, and has only recently dived into pursuing music. And thank god she did! She has two songs out so far, and this song is our favorite of the two. It’s beautiful and lyrically profound and makes you fall in love with Andrea as a musician. After these tracks, we know she’ll be thriving in this industry for a long time.

There you have it! Out top 20 songs of 2020! We’d love to hear from you guys! What’s your favorite song of the year? Did we miss any standouts? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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