Maggie Rogers ‘Looks To The Future By Honoring The Past’

Maggie Rogers ‘Looks To The Future By Honoring The Past’

With a voice as beautiful as hers, Maggie Rogers shares Notes From The Archive: Recordings 2011-2016.

Grammy-Nominated producer, songwriter, performer extraordinaire Maggie Rogers delivers a 16 – track retrospective that includes six new, unheard recordings—included in these recordings is the undeniably flawless track ‘Celadon & Gold.’ Accompanying these exclusive songs are newly remastered versions of her promising material. Closely documenting Rogers’ masterful artistic evolution on her journey to creating her acclaimed Capitol Records debut, this collection is nothing less than incredibly phenomenal.

Maggie Rogers – Celadon & Gold

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking—holy – shit. Not only is she a visually pleasing human being, but her voice is euphonious as hell. If that song doesn’t prove it, well, get your shit checked. Or, more nicely, check out any of the other sixteen tracks off of this kick-ass collection. As for her super stans (we know you’re out there), you can also check out the full commentary version of the album, all complete with full audio.

The album is in reverse chronological order, and the collection is meant to showcase each stage of her unique creative development, a journey through her life from her first harp lesson to high school hormones. Fans get to experience every detail. Rogers found that revisiting her past work was undeniably essential in writing her next album as a flourishing and intellectual artist.

Maggie Rogers – ‘Steady Now’

Not wanting us to miss any of the moving pieces that have made her who she is, she took to creating this archive not only for herself but for us, the fans. Knowing that parts were missing from the story – the ten years of work that led to this moment, now. Knowing that we couldn’t do without it. Not only did Rogers give us the most lovely little collection of insight into her artistry, but we also came to learn that this was all a prerequisite of a new record.

And that is certainly something we can get behind. We can’t wait to continue to follow Rogers’ journey as she preserves her enormous talent with the world.

Which track from the Archives is your favorite? Let us know your Maggie Rogers favs by commenting down below or shooting us a tweet @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Maggie Rogers Official Album Art/Debay Sounds LLC

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