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Did You See That Liam Payne Is Going To Do A New Show?

Did You See That Liam Payne Is Going To Do A New Show?

Liam Payne fans, did you really think that we wouldn’t be getting hyped for Liam’s live-stream? We heard you loud and clear here at THP, and just like you all, we’re beyond excited for LPShow4!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Liam lately, he has been treating his fans (us) to a series of live-stream concerts while in quarantine to bring us some joy during this time. After needing to reschedulethe final act of the LP Show is upon us, happening on January 9th, NOON PST/ 3 PM EST. Don’t worry if you had previously purchased tickets for the original date, though; all of those tickets will be honored! 

This live-stream might be one of Liam’s best, and possibly his most personal, as this show will pay homage to Liam’s past, present, and future. Not only are we getting music from his album and sneak peeks as to what he’s been working on, but something extra special. Liam will be selecting eight songs from One Direction’s discography to perform at the show. He will pick them based on fan suggestions, but we expect him to pick some of our faves that never got the hype they deserved (Change Your Ticket stans rise!) You can share your picks for the set-list by tweeting Liam and using the hashtag #1DSETLIST.

These live-streams have been an amazing gift that Liam has given. Not only has this helped fans deal with the global pandemic, but they have also been used to help his team stay employed since live shows had to come to a stop. The shows will also be supporting Trussell Trust and UNICEF. We were sold on buying our tickets for Liam alone, but knowing that the money we spend goes towards a good cause is the ultimate bonus. 

If you haven’t purchased them already, what are you waiting for?! Get your tickets here and get ready to sing your heart out along with Liam! 

So, are you going to be tuning into The LP Show Act 4: The Final Act – Past, Present & Future? What songs do you hope he performs? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Liam Payne via Twitter

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