The Kid LAROI: ‘Tragic’ Visual Is Catastrophically Righteous

The Kid LAROI: ‘Tragic’ Visual Is Catastrophically Righteous

The Kid LAROI gains the respect of fans of all ages as he releases track after track of straight fire. Most recently, LAROI gets personal with visual for the song ‘Tragic.’

While the song itself has a tragic storyline, it’s the opposite of painful to listen to—catchy, enjoyable, and something enthralling about LAROI’s voice.

The Kid LAROI – ‘Tragic’

Using music as an escape from family struggles at a mere 13, LAROI quickly found footing as an artist across genres. The Aussie native, now 17, has made waves in the industry, not only as a rapper but also as a singer and songwriter, all due to his unique style and striking skills.

Flourishing in a fan-favorite genre here at The Honey POP, The Kid LAROI glides across styles, combining those of emo, hip-hop, trap, emo rap, and rap-rock. Like those before him, his style is reminiscent of Lil Peepguccihighwaters, and nothing, nowhere. Most obviously, though, you can see the heavy influence of the late, great Juice WRLD.

Opportunely as an Australian native, The Kid LAROI was lucky enough to cross paths with Juice WRLD, joining him as he toured in his native country. Juice became a mentor to LAROI, which gives him a serious leg up on the competition. Working closely with features on each other’s songs, it becomes clear that this mentorship turned friendship was a significant part of both artists’ success.

Gaining a hefty following, we’re pretty confident in saying that The Kid LAROI is here to stay. There is no better artist to be entrusted with a legacy as fulfilling as Juice WRLD’s; we’re looking forward to continued growth and an abundance of relatable and immeasurable tunes.

What do YOU think about The Kid LAROI? Can you agree that ‘Tragic’ is catastrophically good? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below, or giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: The Kid LAROI on Facebook

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