London Grammar Might Have Lost Their Heads But We’re Losing Our Minds

London Grammar Might Have Lost Their Heads But We’re Losing Our Minds

London Grammar is well and truly back from their break with their dreamy new single ‘Lose Your Head.’ It comes in the run-up to their third studio album, Californian Soil, which we’re excitedly looking forward to hearing on April 9th. Despite the trials of 2020, this is one band that has managed to come out standing on top!

After premiering as Annie Mac’s first Hottest Record of 2021 (and rightfully so), we’ve been vibing to this tune ever since. Rolling synths and harmonies fill your ears before guitars and drum beats build the track to a heavenly crescendo.

‘Lose Your Head’ Single Art
Image Source: Sony Music Entertainment

As for the lyrics? Well, they’re just as beautifully crafted as the instrumental. This is what lead singer Hannah Reid had to say: 

‘Lose Your Head’ is about power and control in relationships. The lyrics are quite dark, but I wanted to show the song in an upbeat way.

Hannah Reid, London Grammar

The track was co-produced by electronic producer George FitzGerald, an icon who also co-produced the band’s hugely successful return single ‘Baby It’s You.’ It’s no secret that ‘Lose Your Head’ showcases the band’s talent, but it also brings about new-found energy for the band.

If London Grammar’s latest string of releases is anything to go by, we’re sure that once their upcoming album Californian Soil drops, they’re only going to take 2021 by storm!

What do you think of their new track? Are you just as excited as us about Californian Soil? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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9 months ago

Fabulous song. London Grammer are a quality band, and never fail to produce songs that stay with you.


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