Hey Google, Play Maggie Lindemann’s Music Video ‘Knife Under My Pillow’

Hey Google, Play Maggie Lindemann’s Music Video ‘Knife Under My Pillow’

Maggie Lindemann has saved 2021 before it’s even properly begun. Her single ‘Knife Under My Pillow’ is the angst-filled 2000’s anthem we’ve been crying out for. Complete with a video to ignite all your teenage nostalgia, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something you don’t like about Maggie Lindemann!

Here at The Honey Pop, it’s no secret that we’re enormous simps for Maggie Lindemann. We’ve fallen in love with her music and everything she stands for as an artist. Over the last six months, she’s unleashed herself onto the scene with tracks like ‘GASLIGHT!’ featuring Siickbrain and ‘Knife Under My Pillow’. So it’s no surprise that she’s primed to make 2021 Maggie Lindemann’s year. 

With just over two weeks to go before the release of her long-awaited debut EP PARANOIA, we’re anxiously crossing off days on our calendar. Full of glam and quintessential 2000’s emo vibes, it’ll have us grooving till January 22nd! 

I wanted to do some cheesy 2000s scary movie vibe. The walking around the house with the flashlight with a full-on glam look, ugh it’s so good. A mixture between a corny scary movie with a modern twist on a 2000s look. Walking around the house to find nobody in it, but SWEARING you saw shadows. I wanted to do something more simple with just dramatic looks, everyone killed it.

Maggie Lindemann

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