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The Weeknd Is Back With Shocking ‘Save Your Tears’ Music Video

The Weeknd Is Back With Shocking ‘Save Your Tears’ Music Video

You know how much we love The Weeknd here at The Honey POP, and after nearly a year’s worth of all the After Hours buzz, we’ve got the shocking ‘Save Your Tears’ music video to add to the collection!

Although it seemed unlikely The Weeknd could survive his grisly end in the ‘In Your Eyes’ music video, with the chilling music video for ‘Too Late’ we are left on edge as he is being stitched up to another body! Now with ‘Save Your Tears,’ we watch in anticipation of The Weeknd’s fate and question if this latest video is the conclusion for the After Hours music videos.

Directed by Cliqua, who also brought us the horror movie-esque ‘Too Late,’ ‘Save Your Tears’ opens with shots of close-ups on instruments. With a switch to The Weeknd, unbandaged with a strikingly altered appearance, a microphone in hand, and a sparkly new red suit jacket, he sings the introductory lyrics. As the camera pans out, we soon realize he is on stage, performing to a crowd of masked audience members in a lavish banquet hall, thus making ‘Save Your Tears’ seemingly tame in comparison to the others.

Knowing The Weeknd, the mood shifts in ‘Save Your Tears’ when he brings a lonely, unmasked woman on the stage. As they dance with each other while the lights flicker out to darkness, a shocking reveal, read like a good thriller novel, caught us completely off guard! We know we don’t like it when we run into spoilers, so our lips are sealed. You’re going to have to watch it for yourself!

If you’re still pondering the meaning of ‘Save Your Tears’ like we are, put all your introspections and theories aside for this exciting news! We’ll get to see The Weeknd on February 7th for the Super Bowl’s Halftime performance brought to us by Pepsi! Be sure to tune in, you know we will!

What did you think of the ‘Save Your Tears’ music video? What do you think it means? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news!

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Featured Image Source: still courtesy of ‘Save Your Tears’ Official Music video, directed by Cliqua

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