Nothings The Same After Hearing Alexander 23 And Jeremy Zucker’s Acoustic Performance

Nothings The Same After Hearing Alexander 23 And Jeremy Zucker’s Acoustic Performance

If you thought that Alexander 23 and Jeremy Zucker’s ‘Nothings The Same’ couldn’t get more emotional, boy, were you wrong. They released an acoustic version of the track, along with a video to match, and we can’t get enough.

We’d call ‘Nothings The Same’ a quarantine anthem, wouldn’t you? Losing track of time in the grocery store, not having fun with people anymore, asking how we can live like that?- sounds similar to us. And just like the title lyric, nothings the same as it used to be:

Nothing’s the same as it used to be
Even my friends can’t talk to me
Used to have fun now we only get together

Check out the video, it kind of matches the vibe of the song no?

This stripped-down version of the track drives the emotion home. We didn’t think it was possible to convey even more of a melancholy feeling than the original song did, but Alexander and Jeremy proved us wrong (and we don’t mind it). It’s no secret that this pandemic has been rough on everyone physically and emotionally. ‘Nothings The Same’ captures the uncertainty and dread that COVID brought on us and breaks down some of the monotony that our daily lives have brought us lately. The song reminds us of how we felt before all of this happened compared to how we’re feeling now.

The video matches the song too. Alexander and Jeremy singing alone on a stage reminds us how lonely the emotions conveyed in the song can make you feel, especially in a time like this. It’s a good translation of the track, and the visuals of the video convey the emotions behind the song in the same way that hearing it does. And perhaps there’s a double interpretation; they’re sitting on a stage, seemingly with no audience. For two artists, that’s not the same as it was pre-pandemic; they’re used to performing in front of a crowd. Just some food for thought. What do you think?

Nothings The Same
Image Source: Stefan Kohli

Alexander and Jeremy’s voices blend incredibly well together on this track, and the acoustic version only solidifies this fact. We wouldn’t mind another collab from the two of them tbh!

What do you think of the acoustic version of the song? Do you want another collab between these two? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Stefan Kohli

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