MOD SUN & Avril Lavigne’s ‘Flames’ Cannot Be Put Out

MOD SUN & Avril Lavigne’s ‘Flames’ Cannot Be Put Out

Our love for MOD SUN’s new song ‘Flames’ featuring Avril Lavigne is unmatched!

If you have not listened to this iconic new song yet, we for sure recommend that you take a couple of minutes and take a listen! Trust us when we say you are not going to want to miss out on this one!

If you are enjoying ‘Flames’ by MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne as much as we are, be sure to add it to your current playlists here! You will also be able to catch this new song on MOD’s new forthcoming punk-rock infused album. Fans can expect to see the album sometime early this year. The album, produced by John Feldmann, will show off a new era of MOD’s career. If this song is showing off how the new album will sound, we CANNOT wait to hear more!

MOD SUN is one of one. He is an incredible lyricist and amazing singer and his enthusiasm and positivity are infectious. I had the best time making this album with him and I cannot wait for the world to hear it.

-John Feldmann

As for our girl Avril, this is her first release since her album Head Above Water in 2019. We hope to be hearing more from her, especially after she has killed it on this song, leaving us wanting some more Avril Lavigne in our lives!

Avril Lavigne has one of my favorite voices in music, It’s so strong and confident, yet filled with emotion and one-of-a-kind inflections that only her voice can do. This song holds a lot more weight than meets the eye. There’s a very deep message within it.


‘Flames’ is going to be one of those songs that we continue to listen to all through 2021, and we are sure that you agree with us! MOD’s and Avril’s voices go together so well, and we are so excited to finally hear the two of them together in one song. It is one of those songs that you want to play on full blast in your car and not turn it down. Have a full-on dance party while listening to it!

But don’t think that this song and album are all that MOD SUN’s has been working on because you’re wrong! He has also been working with Machine Gun Kelly on his first movie project! It is called Downfalls High, and it is due out on January 15th, 2021! Check out the most recent teaser trailer below!

Between ‘Flames’ and the new movie project coming out this Friday, we are so excited! MOD SUN is keeping us all happy, and we are loving 2021 for it!

We hear at The Honey Pop cannot get enough of ‘Flames,’ and we cannot wait to hear what all of you think of this new hit! Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or find us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know what you are thinking!

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Featured image source: Nathan James/ Instagram

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