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Olivia Rodrigo Has Released Our New Emo Anthem, ‘driver’s license’

Olivia Rodrigo Has Released Our New Emo Anthem, ‘driver’s license’

2021 is already off to a great start. That’s mainly because Olivia Rodrigo, our favorite spicy Pisces, has released her new single ‘driver’s license.’ The track is already climbing up the music charts, so clearly everyone else is loving this song just as much as we are. This song may be different than what you’d expect to hear from the star of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Buckle up! There is a lot to unpack about ‘driver’s license.’ If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the video here.

‘driver’s license’ is an emotional song with a story that most of us can relate to. Olivia sings about a moment every teen dreams of, getting their driver’s license. It symbolizes freedom and growth. For Olivia, getting her driver’s license seems to have been part of a larger plan to be more connected to the person she loved. Instead of riding along in the suburbs with that special someone, she’d envisioned driving directly to them. A moment that should have marked a triumph in her life suddenly turned into a painful reminder of lost love. It’s hard not to feel for Rodrigo as we envision what her life will look like from now on. Every time she drives a car she’ll have to quiet that little voice that reminds her who made her want to start.

Fans Are Speculating About The Inspiration For The Song

Fans are loving the song. Along with the powerful vocal performance, the raw honesty of Olivia’s lyrics is making this track go viral. For instance, Olivia sings, “you’re probably with that blonde girl/who always made me doubt/ she’s so much older than me/ she’s everything I’m insecure about.”

Many fans have created theories based on context clues in the song about what happened behind the scenes to inspire this song. TikTok user @gabesco has amassed over 750,000 likes with this two-part theory on Olivia Rodrigo’s alleged relationship with her HSMTMTS co-star Joshua Bassett.

To summarize the many videos and articles online, fans thought Olivia and Joshua were dating IRL up until Bassett began spending time with another Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter. Again, tons of videos are floating around that will break down the evidence that all of this was going on, but here is some of the standout proof that fans have gathered about the inspiration for this song.

  1. Sabrina Carpenter fits the description of an older, blonde girl. (Sabrina is 21, while Olivia is 17.)
  2. Joshua Bassett taught Olivia Rodrigo how to drive. She talked about her first time behind the wheel being a moment with Bassett after finding out a song they wrote would be featured in their show.
  3. Olivia acknowledged a lot of praise for her song, but not from Joshua. She reposted messages from friends and co-stars, but Josh’s message didn’t make the cut!

I’m way too invested in this I’m sorry lmao but send this to anyone who’s confused #hsmtmts#oliviarodrigo#driverslicense#hsm#joshuabassett#drama

♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

Now, People Are Creating Their Own Art Based On The Song

As we said, tons of people are loving this song. Even Taylor Swift has weighed in to show Olivia some love! New TikTok trends like transitions and rewrites of the song are wracking up views online. Check out this iconic transition from @spoiledmel that’s blowing up! Or, take a listen to this rewrite from Andi Mitchell written from the POV of the blonde girl! This is the true sign of great music. People are taking Olivia Rodrigo’s story and turning it into something creative in their ways. Based on the reaction she’s getting from this single, we’d guess Olivia Rodrigo will be around for a long time.


Reply to @nabela PART 2!! This is just written hypothetically! Thank u all♥️♥️ #fyp #driverslicense #singing #cover #rewrite @livbedumb

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♬ original sound – ANDI

What Do You Think Of The Song?

We want to know your thoughts on ‘driver’s license’ so far! Do you think it’s about real-life relationships or do you think Olivia just crafted a good story? Make sure to let us know online in the comments. Or you can tell us online at @TheHoneyPOP on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


Featured Image Source: Olivia Rodrigo, ‘driver’s license’ music video.

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