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PVRIS’ Second Online Concert Was All About AWKOHAWNOH

PVRIS’ Second Online Concert Was All About AWKOHAWNOH

On January 9th, PVRIS’ held their second online concert, and it was all about their second album, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell (AWKOHAWNOH to be short). It was everything we wanted and more.

AWKOHAWNOH was released back in the summer of 2017, three years after the original release of PVRIS’ first album. The album gave way to a new style of music for PVRIS, new sounds, new lyric style, while staying true to their original vibe. This album is raw, real, and a true masterpiece at its core. Between the story it tells and the emotions put into the music, 4 years later, the album is still as good, and live it hits harder.

For PVRIS’ second online concert, Lynn Gunn’s vocals were raw and outstanding as she poured every emotion into each note. The part of the instruments was carried by Lynn herself with the guitar and the piano (and even the bass in ‘Same Soul’), Brian MacDonald was in charge of the keyboard, bass, and guitar while touring member, Denny Agosto-Vega, was on the drums.

Image source: via PVIRS’ Instagram account (@thisispvris)

New performances

The concert was not only a throwback, but there were also several surprises as well as the elements we had never seen before. The stars of the show were ‘Walk Alone’ and the closing track ‘Nola 1’. Both were never been played live before, and both songs were played with the full band. While ‘Walk Alone’ is a more energetic and explosive track, ‘Nola 1’ is a more chill song. It was so special to end the concert with this song, just as the album does, especially because of the closing lyrics: “Don’t know where I went wrong / but I keep on singing.”

Another new element to the show was the performance of ‘Same Soul.’ The song was played live once before but was a beautiful stripped down version with Lynn at the piano. That version deserves all the praise, but this time PVRIS performed the song with a full band. And it was amazing. What was even more special was seeing Lynn playing the bass and Brian playing the guitar, which are both things that we don’t see often, and they killed it. ‘Same Soul’ live with a full band was everything we wanted and needed.

Image source: via PVRIS’ Instagram account (@thisispvris)

Other highlights

The song that Lynn performed solo on the piano was ‘Separate.’ Before giving us a beautiful and heartbreaking version of the song, she explained the process of writing the song. ‘Separate’ was written in a haunted house in the middle of the night. She was too scared to sleep and wake up to a ghost. Somehow, it makes a lot of sense that it gave way to such a hauntingly beautiful slow song.

Additionally, both ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Winter’ had instrumental breaks that blew our minds. It’s something they already did on tour but differs from the studio versions. It was also proof that no matter the context, PVRIS are simply amazing performers and musicians. The performances for ‘Heaven,’ ‘Half,’ ‘Anyone Else,’ and ‘What’s Wrong’ don’t vary much from the studio version but we had missed seeing them being performed live dearly.

The emotion and energy the band and especially lead vocalist, Lynn Gunn, put into their songs is something never seen before. Overall, they brought back to live an album that can be qualified as nothing less than a masterpiece. For that, we’re so grateful for it.

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Image source: via PVRIS’ Twitter account (@ThisIsPVRIS)

This is PVRIS’ second installment in a trilogy of online concerts. The next one will be dedicated to their latest album: Use Me. The date hasn’t been released yet, but knowing most of the songs have never been performed live, we can’t wait.

What was your favorite performance? What’s your favorite song in AWKOHAWNOH overall? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: via PVRIS’ twitter account (@ThisIsPVRIS)

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