Falling For Lisa Remar’s Track ‘Fell Into’

Falling For Lisa Remar’s Track ‘Fell Into’

Lisa Remar is making 2021 her year with a new music video for ‘Fell Into.’ If you’re not already familiar with Remar and aren’t on the hype train, then it’s high time you come aboard! This soul-pop artist creates lush and dreamy soundscapes in all her tracks, and ‘Fell Into The Wrong Hands’ is no different.

Born in New York City, but half Japanese, Lisa Remar effortlessly fuses sounds and cultures to form a kaleidoscope of color. One of our favorite things about the track is the sense of nostalgia that all of Remar’s music invokes in us. It’s why we’ve fallen so hard for this latest installment!

It was written when I started exploring my sexuality. I consider myself bi [and] I was going to meet up with this girl I had been talking to through Instagram, but dating was intimidating for me. I’d been hurt and didn’t know how to carry myself. I should’ve just been myself. I was so afraid, but it was exhilarating. She rejected me because of her ex or something and I felt pretty stupid. She ghosted me, so I wrote about deceptive people who only care about themselves.

Lisa Remar

Here at THP, we’re suckers for any artist that preaches about empowerment, and Lisa Remar does so beautifully. Shot in Japan, it’s full of stunning cinematography and visuals, and we can’t get over its allure!

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