Charlotte Lawrence Wows With New Track ‘Talk You Down’

Charlotte Lawrence Wows With New Track ‘Talk You Down’

When we first heard the title of this song, we thought it would be much more melancholy. However, what we got from Charlotte Lawrence was this upbeat ultimate dance song, and we are so here for it!

We are suckers for heavy lyrics, and the lyrics to the song do pack a punch. The heavy beats within the song make us believe that this song will be played in clubs. Doesn’t it feel good to just dance the heartbreak away? Our favorite line is, “Irrational tears are falling” because, at times, most of our tears do feel irrational. It’s such a natural feeling to feel like what you’re upset about is insignificant. The emotional yet relatable lyrics create a track that will appeal to many people.

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We have to talk about this video! Everything about it is perfect, let’s be clear on that! The color scheme is genius. The quality feels very much like it was shot on an old video camera in the absolute best way. The simplicity but yet, captivating nature of this video is the perfect example of artists like Charlotte being able to make videos without a huge production amid the pandemic and still be stellar.

We have a feeling that Charlotte isn’t going to be going anywhere, anytime soon. She has certainly proved with this project that she is in for the long haul and is a fantastic songwriter. We long to be singing this song on a dance floor, but for now, we will sing it into our hairbrush while we dance in the mirror.

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