ELF Beauty And Alicia Keys Release Keys Soulcare

ELF Beauty And Alicia Keys Release Keys Soulcare

The excitement is SO real ELF Beauty and Alicia Keys have finally announced the full line of Keys Soulcare! We here at The Honey POP are so excited for this collaboration to be out, and we honestly find we might be spending all of our money on it! Now we all know what you want to know! What are these products? How much are they? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Image Source: ELF Beauty

I’ve learned I can see people with my eyes, but it’s the spirit that shines through that makes someone beautiful, Beauty is about how we connect, how we check in with our spirits, how we accept and love ourselves. It’s paying attention to the parts inside you can’t see but you feel. This is what Keys Soulcare is about.

Alicia Keys

There are a lot of items in this new ELF Beauty and Alicia Keys collection: Golden Cleanser ($20), Be Luminous Exfoliator ($22), Harmony Mask ($28), Reviving Aura Mist ($22), Comforting Balm ($12), and Fragrance-Free Skin Transformation Cream ($30), Sage + Oat Milk Candle ($38), Obsidian Facial Roller ($25), and Skin Transformation Cream ($30).

We are most curious about trying the Golden Cleanser and the Obsidian Facial Roller! We are hoping that this will be a new must-have in our skincare routine. Also, let’s be honest we will probably be picking up one of the Sage + Oat Milk Candles! Hello! Who doesn’t want a nice candle to burn?

We here at The Honey Pop are such big fans of ELF Beauty products and are super excited to get our hands on these new products in collaboration with Alicia Keys. But we want to hear from you! What product are you most excited to get your hands on? If you have tried any of the already released products, how do you like them? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

Want to read more about new products? Don’t worry we have you covered! You can read more here!



Featured Image Source: ELF Beauty

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