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(G)I-DLE Owns This Winter With I burn and ‘HWAA’

(G)I-DLE Owns This Winter With I burn and ‘HWAA’

In 2020, (G)I-DLE did nothing less than serve and prove their versatility as a group and as artists. They released the hypnotizing ‘Oh my god‘ followed by ‘DUMDi DUMDi,’ a fun summer song and they set themselves as one of the most promising girl groups out there. Now, in 2021, (G)I-DLE is back with their fourth mini-album, I burn, and its title track, ‘HWAA.’

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I burn

In contrast with their previous mini-albums, I burn explores the most dangerous and hurtful sides of love. Each song represents the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup through different genres and sounds. Instead of being about the breakup itself, it’s more about the process of leaving the relationship behind and trying to find happiness again.

The implication the members have in the album is something that needs to be highlighted. As usual, Soyeon participated in all six tracks. Meanwhile, Minnie composed and arranged ‘MOON’ and she also composed and wrote the lyrics for the ending track, ‘DAHLIA.’ And ‘LOST’ was composed and written by Yuqi. The tracks were put in a particular order to create a cohesive mini-album that tells a story. With I burn, (G)I-DLE sets themselves yet once again as incredible artists and storytellers through their music and visuals.

All throughout the songs, there’s a constant metaphor when it comes to the seasons and elements, especially winter. The winter is opposed to spring, and ice as opposed to fire. The overall message of this album is that it’s possible to set a fire in the middle of the winter in order to make a flower bloom from the hurt. The mini-album opens up with the reworked version of their 2018 single, ‘HANN (Alone),’ but this time it’s titled ‘HANN (Alone In Winter).’ It is followed by the title track ‘HWAA.’ Both of these songs represent winter–separation and loneliness. However, the album closes up with ‘DAHLIA,’ representing a blooming flower.

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The title track ‘HWAA’

‘HWAA’ is a perfect example of the artistic genius that they are. From the concept to the metaphors in the lyrics and the musical arrangement that fits a winter vibe and embodies the pain of a breakup. It’s also worth highlighting the play on words when it comes to the title of the song. The word ‘hwaa’ can mean both fire and flower, which aligns with the concept of breaking through the winter to bloom again.

Its music video reinforces, even more, the storytelling. With its winter settings and incredible visuals both of the members and the scenarios, it creates the perfect atmosphere for the song. Whereas every year there are summer songs, (G)I-DLE just released what entirely feels like a winter song.

Track by track

Don’t let the fact that ‘HANN (Alone In Winter)’ is the reworked version of ‘HANN (Alone)’ fool you because they sound nothing alike. ‘HANN (Alone In Winter)’ is a piano-driven song about the betrayal that serves as a bridge between ‘HANN (Alone)’ and ‘HWAA’ when it comes to the storyline while showcasing an impressive vocal performance.

In I burn, (G)I-DLE included and mixed various elements of different genres. One element, however, is notable throughout the album is the use of Eastern instrumentals. This element is especially relevant in the title track, ‘HWAA.’

The tracks ‘MOON’ and ‘Where is love’ are more upbeat pop tracks. However, ‘Where is love’ is more of a dance track and ‘MOON’ falls more into a disco rhythm with a catchy hook. Meanwhile, ‘LOST’ is an R&B track that explores more the sentiment of nostalgia and regret. The album closes off with ‘DAHLIA,’ a song moombahton-based pop track that gives a glimpse of hope as the flower blossoms out of the scars left by the breakup.

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This new release from (G)I-DLE just keeps reaffirming their growth as artists and the hard work that is put behind their art. Just by seeing the concept and how everything holds up together to create an incredible storyline and mini-album, (G)I-DLE is by far one of the most promising groups out there.

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