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Top 10 Zayn Malik Moments From The Last Ten Years

Top 10 Zayn Malik Moments From The Last Ten Years

We can’t believe we’re saying this, yet we are. Zayn Malik’s career kicked off almost eleven years ago, and we couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved since then. From his audition to his first solo album, Zayn impacted everything and everyone around him in the best ways. Now at 28, he’s undoubtedly one of the best artists of his generation. Talented lyricist, powerful vocalist, and fashion icon sum him up pretty well. We’re throwing ourselves back onto ten years of Zayn Malik with the most remarkable moments of his career. Get ready, Zquad!

Zayn’s X-Factor Audition

Zayn at the X Factor 2010
Source: ITV

It would’ve been impossible not to talk about it. The Moment It All Started: Zayn’s audition at the X-Factor 2010. He surprised the judges with his performance of ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario. With his mature, charming, and groovy voice, he consequently earned three ‘yes’ from the judges. The rest of the story is the one we know: the end of the trip at Bootcamp and a new journey with One Direction. Five years of glory and worldwide success altogether.

Zayn’s First Solo Single And Album In 2016: ‘Pillowtalk’ And Mind Of Mine

Cover of Mind of Mine
Source: official album artwork/RCA Records

After parting ways with One Direction, Zayn took a well-deserved break of almost a year before releasing new music. He found his way in the R’N’B field with a first steamy single entitled ‘Pillowtalk.’ Not only was it a big success worldwide, but it also allowed him to reach a new audience. The proof is in the numbers: Pillowtalk’s music video reached 1 Billion views earlier in 2020.

Two months after the release of ‘Pillowtalk,’ Zayn Malik put out his first solo album, Mind Of Mine. The record is a mix of urban pop and R’N’B made with delicacy and talent. The lyrics go from romantic to cheeky, and the fans love it (so do we.) Our go-to songs on Mind Of Mine would be ‘tIo’ and ‘Fool For You.’

Zayn Releases His Autobiography In September 2016

Zayn for his Autobiography
Source: Zaynsupdates on Instagram

Surprising everyone once again with his new project, Zayn published his autobiography in September 2016. It’s entitled Zayn and features unseen doodles and pictures of him. As for the written content, it reveals a lot about him. From his anxiety to his journey as an artist, nothing is left unsaid. 

There are things I address in the book that are very personal to me, things that I have never told anyone, things I still find hard to talk about. It’s a part of a journey I’m still on.


Zayn Received His First American Music Award

Zayn at the 2016 AMAs
Source: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

After a successful first year as a solo artist, the music industry rewarded Zayn for his hard work. Indeed, he received his first American Music Award (solo) for ‘New Artist Of The Year.’ It was his second major award after an Asian Award in 2015 for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music.’ And we’re here for it all.

Zayn Met Taylor Swift On ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’

Was there another way to conclude such an eventful year than to join Taylor Swift on a song? We don’t think so, and it looks like Zayn doesn’t either. In December 2016, they released the original soundtrack for 50 Shades Darker, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.’ A song that fits both of their voices, with high notes so high they must’ve reached heavens. A global success that got them more than 611M views on the official music video.

Zayn Joined Sia For ‘Dusk Till Dawn’, And He Smashed It

Zayn for 'Dusk Till Dawn'
Source: ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ Music Video

Duets aren’t something surprising when it comes to Zayn Malik. After many successful ones, such as ‘Still Got Time’ with PARTYNEXTDOOR and ‘wRoNg’ with Kehlani, he came back in September 2017 for a brand new one called ‘Dusk Till Dawn.’ Except that this time, the featured artist was none other than Sia. Sia, one of the most powerful voices in the music industry with a global success already: ‘Chandelier.’ The song hit an immediate worldwide success. It also appeared on the official trailer for the movie The Mountain Between Us.

Zayn Released Icarus Falls And Invited Fans To Celebrate It

In December 2018, Zayn gifted us his second solo album entitled Icarus Falls. And just like any other gift, it came with a lot of surprises, the first one being that there were 27 tracks on it. The physical unit included two CDs, one called Icarus and the other one Falls. And we’re still unable to pick our favorite two years later. However, the maturity emerging from it was easy to sense and appreciate. The album featured global hits ‘Sour Diesel,’ ‘Entertainer’ and ‘Let Me.’ Our picks for Icarus Falls would have to be ‘Back To Life,’ ‘There You Are’ and ‘Good Years.’

Cover of Icarus Falls
Source: Album Cover/RCA Records

Following his desire to be close to his fans, Zayn threw a launch party in New York City with a few fans. For a very affordable price, some of them attended a private event during which they got to meet the main man. They also had the chance to get tattoos and enjoyed free food and drinks.

Zayn Modelled For Penshoppe

Zayn for Penshoppe
Source: Penshoppe

After a first collaboration for the Spring-Summer Collection 2018, Zayn Malik went back to Pennshope for a new shooting. Not surprising when you know he’d been many times nominated by GQ for Most Stylish Man Of The Year. Years of being told to walk runways by his fans may have summoned his decision. Or not. But we’re forever grateful for it. Since then, Zayn has collaborated many times with the brand, for the love of fashion and pleasure of our eyes.

Zayn Saved 2020 With ‘Better’

Zayn in 'Better's Music video
Source: Zayn on YouTube

A little less than two years after Icarus Falls, Zayn Malik released a new single, ‘Better,’ in September 2020. The track is confirmed to appear on the tracklist of his upcoming third solo album and immediately conquered the fans. It’s short and sweet and sounds like the perfect anthem for the end of the summer. Once again, it’s all about good ‘Vibez’ (pun very much intended since ‘Vibez’ is the second single off of Zayn’s new album. Give it a listen here)!

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A Third Solo Album On The Way: Nobody Is Listening

Following the release of his latest single ‘Vibez,’ Zayn just announced his third solo album, Nobody Is Listening, is set to release on January 15th. Like a late birthday present from him to us, the album will include eleven tracks. And it’s already receiving some smart promotion, judging from the latest tweets from Zayn and his official promo team, inZayn. Indeed, the fans can call a number and hear snippets of the album, get news on their phone, and get subscribed to the newsletter. A nice way to make the wait a little shorter!

Cover of Nobody Is Listening
Source: Zayn On Youtube

Ten years of Zayn and so many highlights from which to choose, yet these have to be the ones that we’ll stick with for our list! What about you? Which moment will you always remember? Are you looking forward to Zayn’s new album? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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