Don’t ‘Blame’ Us We’re Obsessing Over Ryland James’ New Single

Don’t ‘Blame’ Us We’re Obsessing Over Ryland James’ New Single

The new music is flowing this year already for our fave Ryland James! That’s right, we’ve got a brand new single and you can’t ‘Blame’ us for loving it!

Ryland James
Image Source: 21 Entertainment

Riding off the success of his debut album, Ryland James, which went worldwide peaking at the number one spot on Shazam Canada’s Top 200 chart, ‘Blame‘ is the freshest single to look forward to!

This new track by Ryland is everything we could have hope for as far as new music with its emotional lyrics. No surprise here but ‘Blame’ hits us right in the feels. Immediately we understand the premise of the track as he expresses “Let’s not make this about you versus me/ And just cause we are mad together Doesn’t mean that we’re bad together/ Least on that we can agree.

After the pre-chorus and verse, the chorus becomes meditative as he repeats the idea he is not the only one to blame in the relationship he describes in ‘Blame,’ that is filled with turmoil and fights. While Ryland hopes to come to an understanding and taking ownership of his faults, it is revealed the hostility of his significant other is sparked by his small mistakes such as “Forgot bout your mother’s birthday/ Wish you told me the date in the first place.

With ‘Blame,’ Ryland speaks to all of us, as we can easily identify with him or as the other person he speaks of, reminding us to be sympathetic in all our relationships. Other than those stirring lyrics, we’re honestly swooning over just how good Ryland’s voice sounds in ‘Blame!’ We simply cannot wait for more music to come!

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Featured Image Source: Ryland James via YouTube

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