Charlotte Cardin Releases ‘Daddy’ And It’s A Whole Vibe

Charlotte Cardin Releases ‘Daddy’ And It’s A Whole Vibe

Charlotte first came onto our radar with ‘Main Girl’ back in 2017. We certainly knew from that moment that Charlotte had this ability to make the most beautifully written songs, and with ‘Daddy,’ it’s no different.

‘Daddy’ is a song about kissing your crush right by the open bar. Your crush’s other crush, standing by the shrimp buffet, sees it all. Your crush can’t choose between their two crushes, so you jump right in and choose for them. ‘Daddy’ is a song about knowingly making a bad decision and loving it.”

Charlotte Cardin

Oh, we do think so; Charlotte just had her own Taylor Swift ‘I Did Something Bad moment.

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Upon first listen, we could tell already that the perfect place to listen to this song would be in a local dive bar. It’s the best setting, but we will test it out post-covid to be sure, don’t worry.

One thing that sets Charlotte apart from a lot of other artists is the tone in her voice. It’s insane. Her voice is so smooth and could make anything sound good. It just so happens she is also this incredible writer and is the best of both worlds. Come on, the lyric “I’m dancing with my sex symbol” is incredible.

The song is accompanied by a music video that just further gives us immaculate vibes. We have to point out the genius choice of the red tones throughout the video. It just feels like the color that screams passion and intimacy. There’s a particular shot of Charlotte surrounded by candles that is cinema worthy– it’s so stunning. In conclusion, this body of work that ‘Daddy’ is, is pure perfection.

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