Japanese Rock Band BRATS Dazzle With Two Live Albums

Japanese Rock Band BRATS Dazzle With Two Live Albums

As 2021 comes rocking in, we’re looking forward to all of the fantastic music that will too. At The Honey Pop, we’re all still stuck in our pop-punk and rock phase that should’ve ended once we graduated high school, but it hasn’t. Due to that, we’re enjoying the incredible new releases from BRATS, a Japanese girl rock band from Tokyo. We’re seeing a lot of amazing girl rock groups lately, aren’t we? In the last couple of weeks, the duo released two live albums that include the live version of some of the bangers from their second album Karma. 

Within the live recordings, BRATS featured the special event Karma The Live recorded at Shibuya Tsutaya O-East. There is when they played their full second album from start to finish! The double live album features their recordings from Ambitious Girls at Ikejiri Ohashi #Chord!

In addition to these live albums, BRATS participated in an all-female rock band live stream concert called Ambitious Girls Rock – Vol. 1, which was free for the general public on January 10th. The stream also included a line up from East Asian girl rock bands. Honestly, we tuned in and automatically fell more in love with BRATS and the others on the live stream! There’s never a day where we don’t indulge in some good rock music. Why wouldn’t you?

BRATS is currently made up of the sister duo Aya and Rei Kuromiya. The band was formed in 2011 and is signed to AVEX and Far East Monster Records. They made their US debut in January 2020, where they performed at Anime Los Angeles in California.

We’re always down for a good rock group at The Honey Pop! Of course, BRATS gave us their twist on rock and opened up the Japanese language. It makes our Japanese speaking workers so happy to see more Japanese artists branching out! We’re looking forward to more music and possibly an international tour for BRATS.

Want to check the girls out? You can stream the live albums here

What do you think about the BRATS? Are you loving them like us? Let us know down below or on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Resonance Media

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