Ashnikko’s Debut Mixtape DEMIDEVIL Bites Down Hard

Ashnikko’s Debut Mixtape DEMIDEVIL Bites Down Hard

Amidst the music industry’s softest feminine vocals and drowsiest mumble rap, Ashnikko’s debut mixtape DEMIDEVIL bites down hard. The long-awaited project features Canadian experimental pop connoisseur Grimes and samples from chart-topping mavens Avril Lavigne, Kelis, and Princess Nokia. With lyrics strangled in intimate frustration and dripping with double-meanings, this daring “demidevil” has earned her horns.


Therefore, what stands out? How should you navigate this brash, saccharine musical content? This article will provide you with an Inferno-like map to the nine layers of Ashnikko hell. Let’s go!

‘Slumber Party (Feat. Princess Nokia)’


The female slumber party narrative that everybody seems to believe is true! Ashnikko’s intentionally-warbling vocal delivery is tastefully thematic and unexpected. Princess Nokia’s verse is entirely appreciated, if not a little too short!

‘Cry (Feat. Grimes)’

Ashnikko via YouTube

Still God-Tier Ashnikko. It’s such a stunning video. A genre-bending fan-favorite, within the context of DEMIDEVIL‘s cotton-candy flames.

‘Drunk With My Friends’


Amidst heavy autotune and thematic glass-clinking, her sexual references suggest that she’s drunk amidst more than just “friends.” (Also, for those wondering: “Hey grandpa, drop the beat” references her nickname ‘Grandpa’ for her producer, Oscar Scheller!).

‘Deal With It (Feat. Kelis)’

Ashnikko via YouTube

Opening the water-logged, moss-laden treasure chest lies- a gleaming Kelis sample! Wow, this precious gem dates back to 1999’s ‘Caught Out There.’ Kind of like how Ashnikko has dated all the way back, below her newly-defined, rightfully-asserted standards!

‘Clitoris The Musical’


If you were looking for a track that sums up the entire project, this is it! It’s short, yes – but it gets her point across, calling out “heterosexual, cis-gendered men” on every song. Also, the bold title is peak-ko Ashnikko.

BONUS: ‘Daisy’ (It went viral for a reason).

Ashnikko via YouTube

Just because you’ve heard it on TikTok does not mean you’ve fully appreciated this track! Upon its release, Ashnikko expressed her unencumbered pride for creating ‘Daisy.’ Honestly, this track will always stand out from her DEMIDEVIL sisters – forever lauded as a 2020 smash-hit and an Ashnikko classic.

So, let’s hear it! What are your favorite tracks? Does hearing the entire project give you a new appreciation for the singles? When Ashnikko’s debut mixtape DEMIDEVIL bites down hard … what do you think the industry impact will be? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtsey of Parlophone Records Limited.

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