We’re In Tears Over Lindsey Stirling’s Latest Single ‘Lose You Now’ Featuring Mako

We’re In Tears Over Lindsey Stirling’s Latest Single ‘Lose You Now’ Featuring Mako

Our favorite violin queen is back fam! You know we’re talking about the one and only Lindsey Stirling! As far as projects go, we’ve been waiting patiently for more since her gorgeous livestream over the holidays.  Now we finally have her latest single and music video for ‘Lose You Now’‘ featuring singer-songwriter and producer Mako!

The Special Track

Image Source: BMG

Co-written by Lindsey and Mako, and produced by Jason Evigan, ‘Lose You Now’ is a touching track written in the memory of her father. The song explores the themes of grief and loss. She opens up her heart with the lyrics “And I swear that I’m not gonna lose you now/ I’ll keep you in my life somehow.” Although it’s heartbreaking, ‘Lose You Now,’ is incredibly beautiful as she immortalizes her father in the song, “And even when the lights go down, down/ I could never lose you now.”

If the instrumentals in ‘Lose You Now’ sound familiar that’s because they take from her instrument-only single ‘Guardian’ introduced on her latest album Artemis.

The Moving Music Video

The music video for ‘Lose You Now,’ directed and edited by Stirling and Stephen Mallett is equally stunning as it shows reincarnated special moments and memories Lindsey shared with her father. The music video is also filled with symbolism like butterflies and foxes that Lindsey associates with her father and other loved ones like her best friend Gavi and her baby niece. Of course, we get to see Lindsey in action with her virtuosic playing and dancing and Mako at the keys, taking us away in a dream with that stunning piano harmony!

I am so grateful for Mako for the lyrics he wrote to ‘Lose You Now’ because he perfectly captured the feelings I’d never been able to put into words. I actually balled like a baby the first time I heard his version. I felt like my father and best friend (both of whom have passed away) were giving me a big warm hug. Creating this song and the music video has brought me a sense of peace. The video is full of special memories and signs that represent the people I’ve lost. I used to have cereal picnics with my dad. Whenever I see a monarch butterfly, I feel like my friend Gavi is checking in on me. The little fox stuffed animal represents my baby niece, who passed away this summer. These little Easter eggs and many more make this video so special to me. Now, as we release it, I hope to share that hug and healing with the world. We can all use it right now.

Lindsey Stirling

We’re in tears but ‘Lose You Now’ is so special for all that it means to Lindsey, we can’t help but appreciate another art piece in her collection! We’re sending out all the positive vibes because we want to see Lindsey and Mako and hear ‘Lose You Now’ in its glory on tour this summer for her Artemis tour with special guest Kiesza! Grab your tickets here!

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