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John-Robert Releases New Heartfelt Track ‘USMO’

John-Robert Releases New Heartfelt Track ‘USMO’

Looking for a new talented singer song-writer to fall in love with? John-Robert is here with his new song ‘USMO,’ or ‘You Should Move On.’

John-Robert is a singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Edinburg, in the state of Virginia. Last year, he released his debut EP, Bailey Barely Knew Me, and it earned him a lot of praise especially thanks to his song ‘Adeline.’ It earned him about two million streams and garnered fans like Camila Cabello. He also collaborated with none other than Alessia Cara. And he even covered a song by Fiona Apple – so you can start to get a grasp on what’s his style of music.

But coming back to John-Robert’s latest release: ‘USMO’ is an acoustic-driven personal and nostalgic track, heavily influenced by indie music. His writing style is very special as he goes into details about specific people, but somehow it still feels relatable to everyone as we move on from old friendships. The tone of his voice is also very special and feels cozy, comfortable, yet very unique.

But to put it in John-Robert’s own words: “’You Should Move On’ is a song about compassionately creating space between yourself and your partner in a mature and gentle, but stern way. It simultaneously toggles between caring about the other person and wishing them no ill will and creating space to be in touch with ourselves and discover our truest intentions.”

However, ‘USMO’ is just a single out of John-Robert’s upcoming project: Healthy Baby Boy PT. 1. Along with it, he’s releasing a documentary series of the same name and the first episode is already out. Indeed, ‘Healthy Baby Boy’ is a project that tells the tales of John-Robert’s real-life coming of age stories. The title track was released back in October and it tells his personal experience of being discovered by a big producer and taken out of his small city to move to LA to follow his dreams. 

Overall, John-Robert is a very talented and promising songwriter that isn’t afraid to put his personal experiences on the page and share it with the world, which makes his music and his talent even more special. Plus, his voice creates a whole atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re there with him. John-Robert is definitely an artist that isn’t afraid to show his true self and be vulnerable through his content, especially his music. All the more reason to keep an eye on his upcoming projects.

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