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Waterparks Songs You Need On Your Playlist!

Waterparks Songs You Need On Your Playlist!

If you’re new to Waterparks or wanna know our fave picks, then welcome to our rundown of Waterparks songs you need on your playlist. This was tough, but we felt like we had to do it!

You may have encountered this article and been like, “umm, you need every Waterparks tune on heavy rotation on your playlists.” And honestly, we agree because we can’t get enough of their discography. We decided that we would do what we thought to be impossible and compile our faves from the trio; we hope you agree, and if not, maybe let us know your suggestions for anyone new to Parx to check out!

All we can say is, with new music on the way, we high-key expect to be updating this playlist shortly, but till then, this will keep us fed!

‘They All Float’

While this one may be a surprise to you, we sometimes have days where we revisit the Airplane Conversation EP, and this is a gem that stands out for us. And while we adore ‘Silver’ and ‘I Was Hiding Underneath The Porch Because I Love You,’ this tune we hold dear to our hearts. 

‘Easter Egg’

We said what we said. In this house, we adore ‘Easter Egg’ and hold it close to our hearts proudly! Why? Because it slaps, that’s why, and it’s catchy as hell! The Black Light EP is incredible, and ‘Easter Egg’ is a big part of that!

‘I’m A Natural Blue’

This song is iconic, and the video nostalgic. In the recent drop of ‘Lowkey As Hell,’ we got vibes of paying homage to this song’s music video. What do you think, do y’all agree?


One of our ultimate faves from the Cluster EP, ‘Crave’ is an anthem, and we also get a Geoff solo. We miss this song live and hope it reappears on the setlist when live shows return!

‘No Capes’

Another banger that may have been released awhile ago, but we still adore it. ‘No Capes’ is just one of those songs that get us in our pop-punk feels, and for that, our love is eternal.

‘Stupid For You’

An insanely catchy bop paired with a hilarious music video, ‘Stupid For You’ is one of the bands most listened to on Spotify for a reason. And one of those reasons is it’s an infectiously catchy song, and another reason is it’s too good to resist.


This is a really special one to us at THP, and that’s because it strikes a chord with us. About the internal struggle, you can have when a relationship ends. And although emotional and expressing the feeling of being ‘Powerless,’ this song is anything but. It’s cathartic and powerful to sing along too!

’21 Questions’

The Double Dare era is packed to the brim with so many iconic songs it was so hard to narrow down a few tracks from this album. But we couldn’t do a run down without this track. It gets us in our feels; it’s relatable, and once you bless your ears, this song will be in your head for days.

‘Plum Island’

I’m like you, without good moods.” Far too relatable for us to want to admit somedays. But Awsten has a fantastic writing ability where he lays his feelings out, and it comes from a place where we can sometimes apply the lyrics to ourselves. And that’s why ‘Plum Island’ is so special to us!

‘Double Dare’ (Live In The UK)

This live medley allows us to enjoy some of our fave Waterparks tunes with a fresh spin, and we can’t get enough of it. It’s ten minutes of pure bliss for any Parx fan, and if you were lucky enough to see it live like we were. It’s also cool AF to go back and revisit your memories with this. And you can also grab FANDOM: LIVE IN THE UK here, if you haven’t already, to see the entire show in all its glory.


‘Blonde’ is a timeless song for us, and it goes hard live. And we couldn’t compile a Waterparks playlist without this standout tune. It just slaps F-A-C-T-S.

‘Not Warriors’

Another awesome song to us, ‘Not Warriors,’ has levels, and each one makes us more and more emotional. It’s a personal fave, but we know it speaks to so many. For us, it reminds us we’re not the only ones who have felt that way. And after all this time, it still gives us goosebumps.

‘Lucky People’

This acoustic gem is cute and a true reminiscent love song. And with lyrics like “I’ll be your optimistic black hole, full of love I can’t control. Let’s keep each other safe from the world.” It’s impossible not to listen to and feel soft.


Well, this one flip’s that shit and goes in. A song of anger and pain, ‘TANTRUM’ packs a literal punch. The expression and emotion in this song are evident and will pulse through you. Are you going through it? Put this song on and scream it out!

‘Entertainment’ (Live In The UK)

We’re so blessed to have an Entertainment medley of sorts too. Especially because it broke our hearts that we couldn’t include ‘Rare’ and ‘Crybaby’ individually, having some of our faves compiled together that would have otherwise probably not appeared on the setlist had us thriving when we saw this live. And honestly, the fact that we can go back and relive that, again and again with FANDOM: LIVE IN THE UK, has our hearts full!

‘High Definition’

Okay, so this is one of our all-time faves and has us reaching for the repeat button. The lyricism has us in our feels, and Awstens vocals on here are impeccable. A timeless masterpiece and ‘High Definition’ are words that belong beside one another, indefinitely.


‘Turbulent’ really is that bitch; it’s fierce, it’s angsty, and it has us missing circle pits if we’re honest! We can’t wait for live music to return, and we really cannot wait to hear ‘Turbulent’ live again.

‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore’

If you entered this article not knowing much about Waterparks, you might have heard of this track from TikTok after the song went viral on there as a trend. But even without its viral fame, ‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore’ is catchier than its long song title suggests. Get this stuck in your head, and it will be a long while before it disappears.

See Also

‘War Crimes’

Behind my forehead’s an assortment of things I’d like to forget… in my paradise” is how the song opens, and honestly, this song is so good, like impossibly good, it goes off! And feels like it comes full circle with ‘Not Warriors’ saying, “I think you saved my life,” ‘War Crimes’ is an evolution with Awsten saying, “I saved my own life.”

‘I Felt Younger When We Met’

This is the final track on FANDOM and loops back to the opening that is the beautiful ‘Cherry Red.’ ‘I Felt Younger When We Met’ reaches our playlist because it’s a bop we revisit more regularly, and the vocals on this and the instrumental are just mindblowing.

‘Lowkey As Hell’

With Awsten having recently let us know new music is on the way, ‘Lowkey As Hell‘ has undoubtedly kept us fed in the meantime. And having a dash of the lockdown and quarantine blues ‘Lowkey As Hell‘ has helped us through. And we may be cheesy for saying it be we don’t care. We high-key love this song.

While we would have loved to have added more, including bops from 1 (A COLLECTION OF UNRELEASED HOME DEMOS), like ‘Teenage Jealousy’ and ‘Sorry As I’ll Ever Be.’ We’re sad to say we could only fit so many incredible tunes in one place. But rest assured, we adore everything Waterparks have put out into the universe and cannot wait to hear and see what 2021 brings to their discography!

Ready to listen now? Or just want these bops in one place? Well, we got you with this Spotify playlist below:


Did you agree with us? Did we miss a fave of yours? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/The Honey Pop

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