Elle Winter Takes Us To ‘Sad Girl Heaven’

Elle Winter Takes Us To ‘Sad Girl Heaven’

Elle Winter has definitely made us into life long fans after hearing her newest track ‘Sad Girl Heaven.’ We feel like we’re being seen after hearing a song about sad girls because, let’s be real, after 2020, are any of us really feeling chipper?

The song is upbeat in a way where it’s not bubblegum, but we could still get down to it. It has this funky beat that we are completely obsessed with. This is for sure a main character song: put it on repeat and have your moment. Reading that Elle is from New York makes perfect sense. There is something about New York that shapes people into the best artists. It’s a place so full of inspiration it’s no wonder Elle can get as personal and real in her lyrics as she does. 

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Obviously, we have to talk about the lyrical content of this track! Elle killed it front to back with these lines that narrowing down our favorites to talk about was a challenge. “I kinda miss a fuckboy” is one of the most relatable lyrics we’ve ever heard. And “I’m your poster child for vodka tears” is just next level.

This video, oh my god! Elle looks incredible, especially on that stair scene! There are such elegant parts to this video, and then, on the other hand, parts with mascara all over her face. It shows two different sets of emotions but was such a killer video. 

‘Sad Girl Heaven is just the beginning of songs to come from Elle’s forthcoming album, and we certainly can’t wait to hear it all!

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