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Stray Kids’ I.N Proves He’s On Top With ‘Maknae On Top’

Stray Kids’ I.N Proves He’s On Top With ‘Maknae On Top’

Stray Kids just released another SKZ-Player and this time it’s the long-awaited ‘Maknae On Top’ by I.N, featuring Bang Chan and Changbin. The song was first teased over a year ago, back in December 2019. Since then, everyone has been asking when the song is gonna come out or if it’s even gonna come out. But good news, ‘Maknae On Top’ is finally here and it was definitely worth the wait.

Source: [Stray Kids : SKZ-PLAYER] I.N “막내온탑” (Feat. Bang Chan, Changbin) via Youtube

‘Maknae On Top’

It’s simple: it’s all about Yang Jeongin.

If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘maknae’ is a Korean word to refers to the youngest in a team, and when it comes to Stray Kids, that’s I.N. The song is all about reversing and playing with the usual social norms where the youngest has to follow the oldest member. ‘Maknae On Top’ was written by all three members, but it was also composed by Bang Chan and I.N himself, as well as produced by Bang Chan. The beat is fun and addictive and overall it’s a song that shows I.N’s charisma and talent. It’s a much more lighthearted side of Stray Kids that we love to see. Songs like this show their true love for music and the effort they put into it even if it’s a song that’s only available on YouTube.

Not only does the song have this catchy vibe and melody to it, but it’s also accompanied by a fun video where Bang Chan and Changbin basically serve I.N. ‘Maknae On Top’ is a song that doesn’t only show their genius when it comes to writing music, whether it’s supposed to be taken 100% seriously or not, but it also shows them as comedians. And it’s seriously such a fun video to watch and rewatch.

By how fun and addictive the song is, no wonder it went viral. The video earned around 1.6 million views in the first 24 hours after its release, being the fastest SKZ-Player to get to that amount of views. And it’s now the second most-watched SKZ-Player behind Han’s ‘Close.’ The song even made it onto the news in Indonesia. Not only that, but the song went viral on Twitter as everyone used part of the song to make edits of the maknae of other groups. Here’s a thread of some of them… All we can say is that everything seems to point to I.N’s world domination.

What you missed on SKZ-Record and SKZ-Player…

If you’re not familiar with SKZ-Player or SKZ-Record, it’s a platform or name that Stray Kids’ members use to release covers or original songs, as well as their choreographies. The difference is that SKZ-Players include videos, while SKZ-Records don’t. It allows them to express themselves individually, but also outside of official comebacks as they’re constantly producing and creating.

It started back in 2018 with the three first SKZ-Players to present the units in the group: 3RACHA, Danceracha, and Vocalracha. 3RACHA released a performance clip of their song ‘Zone,’ while Danceracha showed a choreography, and Vocalracha covered JJ Project’s ‘Tomorrow, Today.’ In 2019, we only got one SKZ-Player, and it was Lee Know‘s choreography: ‘Dawn.’

However, 2020 was full of SKZ-Players and SKZ-Records. Bang Chan did a dance cover of 2PM’s ‘My House’ and released a heartfelt ballad: ‘인정하기 싫어’ (translated to ‘I don’t want to admit it’). Changbin released an SKZ-Player for ‘Streetlight’ featuring Bang Chan, a song with harsh but beautiful lyrics about feeling alone, and an SKZ-Record for ‘Cypher’ showing complex lyrics as well as four different beats. Hyunjin released two SKZ-Players: an original choreography to Billie Eilish’s ‘when the party’s over’ channeling his feeling about a concert ending, and his first original solo song, ‘꼬마별.’ And I.N himself released his first solo cover at the end of 2020 covering ‘If It Is You’ by Jung Seung-Hwan, which shows a whole other side to him than ‘Maknae On Top.’

Han released a SKZ-Player for his original song ‘Close’ and a SKZ-Record for what could be qualified as a his diss track, ‘I GOT IT.’ He also collaborated in a SKZ-Record with Seungmin to cover DAY6’s ‘Congratulations.’ Meanwhile, Seungmin did cover beautifully several songs all throughout 2020: ‘Start Again’ by Gaho (known as Itaewon Class’ main song), ‘You Were Beautiful’ by DAY6, and ‘Stay As You Are’ by Sandeul.

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But ‘Maknae On Top’ isn’t even the first thing Stray Kids has released this year either, as Seungmin released his cover of Baekhyun’s ‘Love Again’ in the first few days of the year. This only seems to be the beginning of another amazing year for Stray Kids as they seem to have way more things prepared for us than we can imagine, and anything could drop out of nowhere. 

What was your favorite edit made for ‘Maknae On Top?’ What has been your favorite SKZ-Record or SKZ-Player so far? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: via Stray Kids’ Twitter account (@Stray_Kids)

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