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12 Unreleased Songs We Need Right Now

12 Unreleased Songs We Need Right Now

Does anyone else hate when you come across a really good song on Youtube just to find out that the artist never actually released the song? It’s the worst! Especially when there are so many amazing songs out there that are still unreleased. These are just a few of our favorite songs that need to be released right now.

‘Medicine’- Harry Styles

We’re willing to bet you Harry Styles fans are just as eager for this song as we are. Harry started playing ‘Medicine’ back in 2018 while on tour. The song quickly became a fan-favorite, and we’re left wondering why it hasn’t been released. Harry has said that ‘Medicine’ was written for his first album Harry Styles, but sadly didn’t make the cut. After the song’s success during his live shows, many fans expected it to make an appearance on Fine Line. While we adore the songs that did make it on the albums, we are disappointed that ‘Medicine’ wasn’t a part of either. We still want Harry to release a studio version of this song, hopefully, sooner than later.

‘Over and Over’- 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer have so many unreleased songs, but the one unreleased 5SOS song we really want to hear again is quite an old one. That’s right 5SOS fans, for this song we’re taking a nostalgic trip back to 2013, when long-time fans of the boys might remember them touring with One Direction and playing ‘Over and Over’ live all the time. This song has still been living in many of our minds rent-free, and we want to hear it again. Calum and Luke even revisited the song during a live shortly before the release of CALM. Hearing this song in their current, more matured voices was amazing, and we can’t help but want the entire song redone. We’re not saying this song has to be on the next album, but maybe they could release the song on its own just as a gift to the fans? 

‘Bass Go Boom’- Lucas from SuperM

K-pop band SuperM was formed in 2019, and their fanbase has been steadily growing since then. They have one mini-album and one full-length album, but we’ve noticed the song many fans seem to love most is an unreleased one. Lucas, one of the members of SuperM, has been singing ‘Bass Go Boom’ ever since the group first formed, performing it on tour and during the group’s Beyond Live concert. Many of you may have expected this song to be on the album (we sure did). We love listening to this song and want to hear a studio version right now.

‘Copy of a Copy of a Copy’- Louis Tomlinson

This is one of the newest unreleased songs on our list. Louis Tomlinson introduced fans to ‘Copy of a Copy of a Copy’ in December of 2020, and they’ve been going crazy over the song ever since. Honestly, who could blame them though, we sure don’t. Louis sang this song for the first time during his live in London livestream, and we think this song has the potential to be released. After all, this song has become a fan-favorite in such a short amount of time, and it would make sense for him to test the song out with fans. We think Louis would be crazy not to release this song.

‘Play’- Waterparks

Are you Waterparks fans as impatient for the band to release ‘Play’ as we are? The band wrote and recorded this song for their album FANDOMAwsten teased fans with the name of this song on Twitter for quite a while. He even leaked the song on a livestream in 2019, and we all loved it. Needless to say, when we saw the tracklist for FANDOM and ‘Play’ wasn’t listed, we were a little disappointed. Awsten has since informed everyone on Twitter that the band decided to scrap the song. We aren’t sure why they decided not to release the song, but hope they revisit it.

‘Make Up’- Hey Violet

Fans of Hey Violet have been tweeting a lot lately about songs they want the band to release. Which song do they want to hear the most? ‘Make Up,’ of course, and we agree with them! Hey Violet began playing ‘Make Up’ live in 2015 when they were on the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour with 5SOS. When the band released their EP Brand New Moves in 2016, we were on the lookout for this song, but, sadly, it was nowhere in sight. We were still hopeful that when their album, From The Outside, was released, we’d finally get a studio version of ‘Make Up.’ But nearly six years after the band first played the song, we still haven’t heard any more of it. Come on Rena, Nia, and Casey, we need to hear this song again. 

‘Figure It Out’- Lewis Capaldi

It’s no secret that Lewis Capaldi has some beautiful songs. We truly cannot get enough of his music. Many people have fallen in love with ‘Someone You Loved’ and ‘Before You Go.’ Of course, his unreleased songs are just as perfect. That’s right, we’re talking about his song ‘Figure It Out.’ Lewis was singing this on tour back in 2018 before the release of his first album. Why this song didn’t make it on Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is a complete mystery to us. This song could definitely be a big hit – Lewis just has to release it! We’re waiting anxiously with hopes that ‘Figure It Out’ will be released someday. 

‘Champagne Lovers’ – Niall Horan

We know. We swoon over anything that Niall Horan does. What can we say – the man is talented and has an amazing voice. So, naturally, when Niall sat down at a piano and played ‘Champagne Lovers’ during a live in 2020, we fell in love. Niall has played this song a few times during livestreams, and it’s always so beautiful. Could you imagine if Niall had gotten the chance to play this during his tour (we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the return of safe concerts)? We’re left to wonder if this song was written for Heartbreak Weather and just didn’t make it on the album, or if Niall would potentially add it to his next album. Let’s hope it’s the second option because we need a studio version of this song.

‘Pink Champagne’- Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has released six albums and so many singles, yet we still want more. Her fans have been waiting a long time for her to release ‘Pink Champagne,’ and we can see why. Ariana originally posted this song on her YouTube way back in 2013, then began singing it on tour. This song was meant to be a part of Ariana’s first album, Yours Truly, but didn’t make the final cut. We’re glad Ariana posted this song to Twitter even though it wasn’t on the album. But we were still waiting to see if Ariana would add this song to her second album. Then, in 2020 a different demo of the song was leaked. Both are great, and we are still hoping that Ariana decides to officially release this song one day.

‘Sambakja’- Monsta X

Monsta X has had a lot going on. They’re probably one of the most popular K-pop bands and definitely a favorite here at THP. They’ve won over our hearts with their music, both released and unreleased. That’s why we think Monsta X needs to release ‘Sambakja’ right away! The band introduced this song in 2019 at a live show and have played it many times since. They’ve released multiple albums since then, and ‘Sambakja’ cannot be found on any of them. Why haven’t they given us a studio version yet?

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‘With You’- Little Mix

Little Mix is one of our favorite bands, and ‘With You’ is one of our favorite unreleased songs. This song was a secret for quite a while, and we aren’t sure why or how. The truth is Little Mix recorded this song for their first album, DNA, way back in 2012. However, fans didn’t find out about the song until 2020, when the track was leaked. This was the first unreleased song of theirs to be leaked, and how the girls managed to keep this song a secret for eight years is a complete mystery – much as the reasoning behind not releasing it. Now that we’ve heard it after all these years, we need an updated version to be released immediately! 

‘Just Can’t Let Her Go’- One Direction

Yes, we know there is no chance we will ever see One Direction release ‘Just Can’t Let Her Go,’ but that doesn’t make us want it any less. This song was leaked in 2013, shortly before the release of the album, Midnight Memories, causing many to believe it would be a part of the album. Sadly, this was not the case, and many fans kept hoping to hear this song on another album. However, the boys sold the song. In 2014, singer Isac Elliot released ‘Just Can’t Let Her Go’ with a few lyrics changed from the leaked version. So, while technically this song has been released, we can’t help but want a One Direction version of this song as we originally heard it. 

Now that you’ve read this article, have you listened to any of these songs? If not, you should right away! If you have, what do you think of them? Are there any unreleased songs that you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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