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Monsta X Gets Naked With Urban Decay

Monsta X Gets Naked With Urban Decay

monsta x urban decay

It’s been a couple of weeks into the New Year, and Monsta X proves that they aren’t slowing down at all. After their record-breaking year in 2020, Monsta X continues to rise. There’s no doubt that the band has captured the hearts of many worldwide with their EDM/Hip-Hop beats, but now they share a new side of them with us. On January 19th, Starship Entertainment announced that Monsta X is the new global ambassador for the widely loved global cosmetics brand Urban Decay!

The news came out shortly after Beauty+ Magazine, a major beauty publication in Korea, released a magazine pictorial featuring the members hinting towards the collaboration. In the headline of the covers, you could see the text, “Naked Monsta X,” Within the pictorial, the six men are wearing a minimal amount of makeup that shows their naked and natural beauty.

Speaking about the collaboration, Urban Decay had all the lovely words to say about our favorite band! An official said to X-Sport News via Naver: “Monsta X has solidified their own world with powerful performance and ‘PRETTY DIFFERENT’ unique visuals, and I think it is an artist who inspires Urban Decay a lot. Monsta X will become Urban Decay’s persona, further enhancing the brand value and enabling active communication with GEN-Z generations.” It wasn’t the last time we heard about Monsta X from Urban Decay as they sent Hyungwon a birthday cake and tweet to celebrate his 27th birthday!

Talking about Hyungwon’s birthday, it seems that Monsta X and Monbebe have another record to add to their belt. For his birthday, three fans came together for a project for fans to buy his first self-composed single, ‘Nobody Else,’ in hopes that it will chart. Guess what? It did! ‘Nobody Else’ charted on the Billboard World Digital Sales Chart at No.10, and even Hyungwon noticed himself! Isn’t that amazing? A huge thanks to Jess, Monfrend, and Ninja for putting together the project. Look at Hyungwon! First a global beauty ambassador, now a Billboard charter. 

This will be Monsta X’s second beauty endorsement deal but their first-ever global beauty brand ambassador deal. Just as Monsta X and Urban Decay are looking forward to the exciting collaboration, Monbebe are thrilled as well. In just a couple of short hours, Monbebe plan to trend the hashtag #MonstaXwithUrbanDecay to celebrate the exciting new news. So far, we know that it’s an ambassadorship, but we’re sure hoping there might be more.

Monbebe, how are you feeling about the collaboration? Are you wishing for a palette or some lipstick shades like we are? Let us know down below or on Twitter @thehoneypop.

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Featured Image Source: Monsta X via Twitter

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  • Will we have a palette called Fatal Love or Shine Forever? 😉 I’m really curious about this collaboration, Monsta X are indeed Pretty different and themselves, shimmering and bold on stage, natural off stage… I think Urban Decay will be able to offer a lot of different aspects of their make up with them. I’m sure to be tempted and try some of their products!

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