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Baekhyun Makes His Japanese Debut And Proves Again Why He is South Korea’s Top Male Soloist

Baekhyun Makes His Japanese Debut And Proves Again Why He is South Korea’s Top Male Soloist

Our vocal king is back, everyone! Today, Baekhyun made his official Japanese solo debut with his self titled mini-album, BAEKHYUN. Let’s just say, if you haven’t taken a listen yet, stop what you’re doing (or finish this article first) and go listen ASAP. 

This album is heavy in R&B style and is one that shows Baekhyun’s many sides. While all six songs are undoubtedly bops, fans quickly picked the sexy track ‘Drown’ as a favorite. Then, there is the sweet ending song ‘Stars’ that sounds like pure magic to the ears. He gives us the perfect mix of upbeat tracks like ‘WHIPPIN” and then slowed down tracks such as ‘Disappeared.’ Each song showcases his vocal ability and has us thinking that this is Baekhyun at his best. This style of music suits his voice beautifully, and we cannot get enough of it.

We also need to talk about the lead track and pre-release, ‘Get You Alone.’ It is a retro R&B track that you can’t help but dance to and the music video for it also is a must-watch. It shows these sides of Baekhyun we talk about, from his nerdy comedic genius to being the suave performer that captivates on stage. Honestly, we love every side of Baekhyun, and we love that he was able to capture these and put them into his Japanese songs. It very much is saying, “Here is Byun Baekhyun, about to enter a new chapter of his life. He has loved, has matured, but is still caring and still has that silly side that many associate with him. He is all these things and much more.”

2020 was an incredible year for Baekhyun. He released his second mini-album Delightfeaturing his hit track ‘Candy,’ which sold well over one million copies. It made Baekhyun the best selling Korean male soloist for 2020 and the first Korean male soloist to break a million sales in 19 years since Kim Gunmo. He also joined forces again with the other members of SuperM to release the group’s first full-length album Super One, which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

And at the beginning of this month, Baekhyun held his first solo concert, Light via Beyond Live. Viewed in over 120 countries and by 110,000 fans, Baekhyun gave the performance of a lifetime (and may have had us shedding a tear or several in the process). Just as the concert name states (and just like the superpower that he was given when he joined EXO), Baekhyun is truly a light, and with his music, he will be there for his fans always. 

So, have you listened to BAEKHYUN yet? What song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP

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Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

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