jokes on you: guccihighwaters emotional masterpiece

jokes on you: guccihighwaters emotional masterpiece

guccihighwaters releases jokes on you via Epitaph Records, providing an utterly poignant production.

While Morgan Murphy, more commonly known as, guccihighwaters might be new to you, he’s been blowing up our spot for quite some time. A frequent flyer here at THP, we’ve made our loyalty to guccihighwaters clear as the skies. So naturally, we’re here to talk about hot-off-the-press EP jokes on you.

Producing us with two-power-housed singles, it’s no surprise that this album is the epitome of emotional, relatable, vocally smashing tracks. Full of astonishingly progressed vocals from Murphy is an absolute dreamland.

Starting passionately progressive, the intro song ‘tragedy’ shows us the softiboi we know and love. The only thing tragic about this song is the state it leaves our eyeliner in. Yeah, we’re crying again. Flawlessly skating into one of the two kick-ass singles ‘hold somebody ft. Powfu,’ and while we won’t go total stan here, you can read all about it here.

guccihighwaters – ‘rock bottom ft. nothing, nowhere’

Track three’s title alone has us buzzing – two of our favorites of the genre in one song? Bound to be a smash. ‘Rock Bottom’ featuring nothing, nowhere lets the R&B influence shine through. As one of our fave tracks of the album, its smash hit of a hook is one you’ll have on repeat for the next decade or so.

guccihighwaters – ‘highschool ft. convolk’

For those cool cats like us that have been around the block with guccihighwaters prior to the release of jokes on you, this next one is for you. A re-vibed version of ‘highschool’ has a killer feature from convolk giving us major nostalgia

Speaking of nostalgia, jokes on you evolving epic production doesn’t stop there. Producing track after track of complex story-telling structure, passion, and perfection. Tracks ‘lovesick ft. ‘ ‘rope’ and ‘coming down’ have us so damn emo, we’re about to download the Myspace app.  

guccihighwaters – ‘coming down’

He is continually solidifying his staple on the scene, nailing it with jokes on you from start to end. Ever-impressive, guccihighwaters has done us, and himself, graciously proud. 

What’s your favorite track? Are you as astonishedly awed as us? Let us in! Let us know your thoughts, comment down below or catch us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.


Featured Image Source: Official Album Art

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7 months ago

Good stuff great stuff


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