Maggie Lindemann Brings The PARANOIA With Her Hit EP

Maggie Lindemann Brings The  PARANOIA  With Her Hit EP

Being here since the first announcement of the PARANOIA EP makes this all much more bittersweet. If you know us, then you know we’re always in awe of Maggie Lindemann’s talent. And as mentioned, we’ve been here from the start of the EP track releases and so we have a lot to say.

Image Source: swixxzaudio and Caroline Records

Leading up to the release of the glorious EP that is PARANOIA, Maggie released four tracks from it, ‘Knife Under My Pillow,‘ ‘GASLIGHT (feat. Siickbrain),‘ ‘Scissorhands’ and ‘Loner.‘ Each of them creating a buzz for her as well becoming additions to our endless playlists. And now we have a total of eight excellent tracks, with the proliferation of ‘Crash and Burn,’ ‘Love Songs,’ ‘Different’ and ‘It’s Not Your Fault’, which we can’t stop listening to!

I’m so excited for the world to finally hear what I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. Every song has a different story, and I can’t wait to see how they’re interpreted. thank you for the continuous support throughout it all, I love you guys

Maggie Lindemann

Everything We’ve Hoped For Plus MORE!

It’s everything we could’ve hoped for, plus some! Each track, like Maggie says, tells its own story. And really, this album is useful for any moods you may happen to be in. Need some sad tracks, kick-ass tracks, or cute tracks, PARANOIA has it all. It’s a much needed no skip EP to start the year off right. It’s cool to see it finally all come together; we’re super excited and proud of Maggie and will never get tired of or stop listening to this EP.

Don’t forget to also check out her podcast, swixxz audio, her clothing line SWIXX, and of course don’t forget to stream PARANOIA because that’s why we’re all here.

1. Knife Under My Pillow
2. GASLIGHT! feat. Siiickbrain
3. Scissorhands
4. Crash and Burn
5. Loner
6. Love Songs
7. Different
8. It’s Not Your Fault

So what do you think? Which track is your favorite from the PARANOIA EP? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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