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15 Songs by DREAMCATCHER Your Playlist Needs

15 Songs by DREAMCATCHER Your Playlist Needs

DREAMCATCHER is a girl group with a discography made of gold, but we’ve selected only 15 songs we believe your playlist needs, even though we’re being honest when we say you need every song by them in your life. They’re mostly known for their music influenced by rock and although most of their discography is filled with that, they’re actually way more versatile than you might think. While going through different genres, their discography is very cohesive and actual gold, as almost all of it was produced and composed by the duo LEEZ and Ollounder.

These are 15 songs by DREAMCATCHER we believe you need in your life and your playlist.

Image Source: DREAMCATCHER Company

‘Break The Wall’ (Dystopia: Lose Myself, 2020)

Starting with one of their newest songs, ‘Break The Wall‘ places itself in the more emo and rock side of DREAMCATCHER. It’s a song that reminisces the style of rock bands from the 2000s such as Evanescence, and they pull it off amazingly! With the strong vocals and heavy instrumentals, this feels like a classic from them, when in reality it hasn’t been out for more than six months.

‘Black Or White’ (Dystopia: The Tree of Language, 2020)

Out of their first-ever full-length album, ‘Black or White’ reveals a much more classy and sassy side of DREAMCATCHER. The verses, the pre-chorus, and the chorus are quite different from each other, so it creates a song that will surprise you. However, it all fits together with a guitar and their vocals, as well as Dami’s amazing rap in the second verse.

‘July 7th’ (Alone In The City, 2018)

‘July 7th’ is a more “lowkey” song from theirs. While it isn’t a slow song per se, it is a more stripped version of DREAMCATCHER. Instead of being inspired by rock, this song is more influenced by reggae with its beat and its bassline. The beat becomes more addictive the more you listen to it. Their vocals all throughout the track are very delicate and it shows a whole different side of them.

‘Polaris’ (Raid Of Dream, 2019)

‘Polaris’ has an even more soft side of DREAMCATCHER and the first ballad on our playlist. Yes, DREAMCATCHER can pull off a rock song like no other group could, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do ballads. And when we say they have vocals, we really mean it. ‘Polaris’ is a beautiful ballad based on a piano melody that showcases at the same time the softness and the strength in their vocals and it features an amazing high note by main vocalist Siyeon. 

‘In The Frozen’ (Dystopia: The Tree of Language, 2020)

DREAMCATCHER’s first full-length album allowed them to go through different genres (even though their discography was already very varied). ‘In The Frozen’ is a track that stands out with its mysterious vibe mixed with nostalgia and EDM. It’s a softer song for sure, but it’s just as powerful as any other song.

‘괜찮아!’ (Trust Me) (Prequel, 2017)

The second ballad in our list is ‘괜찮아!’ whose English title is ‘Trust Me’. What’s different about this ballad from ‘Polaris’ is the instrumental. While ‘Polaris’ is a piano song, ‘Trust Me’ is more based on a simple acoustic guitar. The song eventually builds up though to a full-on band. You can hear the heavy rock influence in this but it is still at its core, a ballad.

‘Trap’ (Alone In The City, 2018)

Now ‘Trap’ is a trip, not gonna lie. Just in the intro: it starts softly and then goes into heavy guitars. The verse strips back down to a guitar like one of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers. Eventually building back up again with drums, until you get a drop influenced by electronic music. The song keeps a somewhat nostalgic and melancholic vibe throughout. The diversity of instrumentals and the production in the song itself gives way for them to show all the power in their vocals and how they can do it all.

‘Jazz Bar’ (Dystopia: The Tree of Language, 2020)

As its name indicates, ‘Jazz Bar’ falls into the category of songs heavily influenced by jazz. It’s a chill and vibey love song. It literally creates the atmosphere of a jazz bar or a jazz cafe. Their voices sound delicate yet powerful and it’s really a beautiful song to listen to. It’s similar to songs like ‘Light’ by ATEEZ, which was also produced and composed by LEEZ and Ollounder.

‘And there was no one left’ (The End Of Nightmare, 2019)

This one could be compared to ‘July 7th’ but it stills has its own flare and we just couldn’t leave it out. The bass line in this one is absolutely incredible, and the production overall has a drop that will not leave your head. Also, the guitar is so addictive and satisfying. Once again, they show the more soft side of their vocals which usually they don’t showcase in their title tracks. Songs like this show that DREAMCATCHER is way more than their title tracks and has something to offer with every release.

‘Sahara’ (Dystopia: The Tree of Language, 2020)

Now, this is the highlight of DREAMCATCHER’s first full-length album. ‘SAHARA’ englobes everything that’s good about this group. The song is a whole world in itself as it creates a whole atmosphere. It feels adventurous and mysterious. But also, this is a definitely song worth headbanging to. Their vocals in this one are also insane, but that’s with every song if we’re being honest.

‘Wonderland’ (Alone In The City, 2018)

‘Wonderland’ falls into the category of more vibey, atmospheric songs from DREAMCATCHER, with their soft and delicate vocals. The lyrics are all about falling head over heels for someone. This is one of the group’s favorites and we can see why. It’s infectious and fun, and everything one needs when you want to relax and let go of things.

‘Red Sun’ (Dystopia: The Tree of Language, 2020)

One last b-side from DREAMCATCHER’s Dystopia: The Tree of Language for your playlist is ‘Red Sun’. To summarize it, DREAMCATCHER goes medieval. The melody is based on a pluck strings instruments plugging that reminisces the Korean traditional folk instrument. That element mixed with their vocals, more based on head voice for this one, create once again an indescribable and never seen before atmosphere –truly a gem in their discography.

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‘Silent Night’ (Raid Of Dream, 2019)

‘Silent Night’ is the perfect example of how DREAMCATCHER manages to mix rock and EDM, and that’s why we couldn’t leave this one out of our playlist. While the verses have a heavy bass and an electric guitar, the chorus goes into a mysterious EDM beat. However, it isn’t your typical EDM. ‘Silent Night’ is the perfect example of how DREAMCATCHER takes influence from so many genres and make it their own, creating something truly special and never seen before.

‘Diamond’ (The End Of Nightmare, 2019)

‘Diamond’ has a whole other type of rhythm from any other song in DREAMCATCHER’s discography, at least in the verses. This could be seen as the older sister of their 2020 single, ‘BOCA’ again when it comes to the verses. The chorus is a whole other thing because, like many DREAMCATCHER songs, they’re not satisfied from creating a song influenced by only one genre. The chorus is a whole headbanging-worthy energetic melody and the power in the vocals make it all the much better.

‘Mayday’ (Nightmare – Escape The ERA, 2018)

And to finish off our DREAMCATCHER playlist: ‘Mayday’ is a b-side from their 2018 EP that can only be described as a classic DREAMCATCHER song. Don’t let the initial piano fool you. It has a heavy guitar and all the power of their vocals, mixing the usual flare of K-Pop with rock. ‘Mayday’ could easily be an opening track for an anime. If you like rock, this is definitely one for you.

What’s your favorite DREAMCATCHER song? Which one on our list do you like the most? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: DREAMCATCHER Company

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  • I thought I knew Dreamcatcher pretty well but this article introduced me to some great new songs! Personally I love Red Sun and Sleepwalking

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