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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan The 1975

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan The 1975

When we first heard the British band The 1975, we instantly fell in love! Everything from their tracks to their aesthetic makes them so unique and unlike any other band in the music biz! If you haven’t heard of them, or only know that one song ‘Chocolate’ we’ve got you! So, pour yourself a cup of tea, or a drink you fancy, while we lay down the five reasons why you should stan The 1975!

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Their lovable personalities

Each of the men that make up The 1975, George Daniel (drums), Adam Hann (guitar and backing vocals), Matty Healy (lead vocals and guitar), and Ross MacDonald (bass), all have a distinctive personality that complements each other perfectly and that truly makes them all lovable. While Ross can be sassy, he’s quite like sweet Adam, who always has his camera on hand to take candid photos of his mates. George is mysterious but also feisty, especially when feeding off the exuberances from Matty, who’s equally fiery as he is outspoken but endearing. When they aren’t showing their personalities on the stage or in interviews, they are bantering with the fans on social media. Because when you’re a stan of The 1975, like us at The Honey POP, it’s not just their music that we love about them… it’s their entire beings.

Their friendship with each other

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Yeah, they give each other the side-eye from time to time and can’t tolerate when the others are being extra. We’ll never forget when Ross yelled at Matty during a game of Cards Against Humanity during their Coup De Main interview (but it was just healthy competition and the stakes were high)! Regardless of being annoyed by each other, like all friends are from time to time, The 1975 are not just bandmates, but true friends and will always be there for each other. In fact, they immortalized it in song with ‘Guys.’ We’re still ugly crying about it.

Their voices for activism and change

On the latest album, Notes On A Conditional Form they recruited environmental activist, Greta Thunberg to bring awareness of global warming to the title track, ‘The 1975.’ Other than protecting our environment, the group, mostly through Matty and his platforms on social media, sparks important global issues. While George, Adam, and Ross also use their voices, Matty is unafraid to speak about his beliefs and stand up for what’s right, sometimes even speaking on these topics in between songs at concerts. Most recently they directed their energies to activism, allocating resources for their followers for equality, women’s health, politics, and a whole array of other topics that concern people, society, and how we interact with our environment.

Their music as an art form

We got a gold mine of EPs and four albums including, The 1975, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware, and A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationship over the years since their formation in high school during the early 2000s! Although their music is inspired by the 80s, The 1975, with their songs being written chiefly by George and Matty, strives to create art within the discography by incorporating unique sounds and tones that redefine the meaning of pop music. With each passing album, they push the boundaries further by incorporating all types of songs, best heard in NOACF, that never truly distinguishes their sound. Whether it’s integrating specific lyrics or stylizing the album artwork, they pour their hearts into every detail of their music, making their entire body of work thoughtful and innovative.

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Their mad skills as musicians

Finally, the level they are on as musicians is just insane! Of course, if you couldn’t hear it when you listen to their albums, (shoutout to Ross on ‘If You’re Too Shy Let Me Know’ with that bass) then you’d be blown away when you hear them live! Each of The 1975 members knows how to play multiple instruments and you better believe they show off their multitalented skills. Not every song in their collection has lyric tracks, such as ‘Please Be Naked,’ ‘How To Draw/Petrichor’ and ‘Having No Head’ which are instrumentals. Thankfully for us, they include them in their setlists! We simply love watching them vibe to their tunes and because they are so good at what they do, we can’t help but be awed and inspired as we watch!

There you have it! There’s our list and now you’re ready to stan with us in the name of The 1975!

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What’s your favorite The 1975 song? Why do you stan them? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news!

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