Ain’t No Performance Like A Julia Michaels Performance

Ain’t No Performance Like A Julia Michaels Performance

Julia Michaels is quickly rising up the rankings of the music industry, but mostly our hearts because we love her more than anyone! From her silky vocals to her mind-blowing poetic songwriting, it’s impossible not to stan such a multi-talented queen.

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One thing we love about Julia Michaels (besides her warrior goddess-like essence) is her live performances and her stage presence. She has so much chemistry with everyone she works with (not even romantically, just in general.) This week, she took to Late Night With Seth Myers to bless our souls with an outstanding performance of ‘Lie Like This.’ Naturally, it definitely takes a top-five (dare we say No.1?) spot on our list of fave Julia performances, but can you blame us!? Have you seen how incredible this performance is? The hair, the outfit, the makeup, the vocals we all know and love that left us swooning, the charisma? We LOVE everything about it! She came to give us her all and wow our pants off, and that’s just what she did. Check out the video of the performance below while we recover and regain our composure!

Julia, YAS QUEEN! You slayed that performance, and we are LIVING for it! With a new album on the way, we can already tell the 2021 era of Julia Michaels is about to be the best one yet! If you’re not hip with the cool kids and haven’t already been streaming ‘Lie Like This‘ on heavy rotation (who are we kidding? We know you have been) you can stream the song here!

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What do you think of Julia’s latest live performance? Have you been streaming ‘Lie Like This’ constantly? Which Julia Michaels live performance is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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