Greyson Chance Gives Us A Holy Feeling With His Newest Track

Greyson Chance Gives Us A Holy Feeling With His Newest Track

Greyson Chance has been a favorite of ours for years. His music since returning to the spotlight a few years back has proven to come from a place that is important to him. Greyson is constantly evolving as an artist, and that makes his journey that much better to follow. He’s always putting so much of himself into his music, and that’s one thing that makes Greyson stick out as a singer-songwriter.

Greyson Chance
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Earlier this month, Greyson released his first single, ‘Holy Feeling,’ from his upcoming studio album. ‘Holy Feeling is unlike anything he has released and is completely stellar. His vocals continue to prove he can do things that blow us away, and Greyson sounds better with every project he releases. The contents of this song immediately impact you. Everyone can look into their lives and find their ‘Holy Feeling.’ The lyrics to this song are incredible; the ethereal type of chorus is breathtaking. We simply can’t turn this song off.

This video is absolutely stunning. The imagery is past anything we could have expected, and seeing people express their ‘Holy Feeling’ is beautiful. Even with the many people in this video that bring so much to the table, Greyson shines. His passion on his face while singing this song is evident. We’ve seen Greyson on social media expressing the importance of this song for him and sharing his own ‘Holy Feeling,’ including his family, friends, boyfriend Ben, and his fans. 

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[…] this track, you can hear Greyson singing all about being “born and bred in West Texas.” It’s all about the values […]


[…] ‘Holy Feeling’ was the first single off of Trophies. The track set the tone for the entire record. This song feels larger than life and like it’s meant to have the lyrics screamed. Greyson Chance sounds unreal here, his voice always blows us away, but this is entirely next level. We’ve been thinking a lot about what our ‘Holy Feeling’ is. We’re thinking it’s exactly how we feel right now listening to this track. […]

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