nothing, nowhere. Forms Killer Combinations With ‘fake friend’ Video

nothing, nowhere. Forms Killer Combinations With ‘fake friend’ Video

nothing, nowhere. shares dope-as-hell official video for single ‘fake friend.’

As we gear up for the February 19th release of the new album, Trauma Factory, we’re taking every bit of nothing, nowhere that we can get. The greatness? He continually delivers. Releasing the official music video for ‘fake friend,’ the Mason Mercer production finds a place as a perfect visual over NN.’s experimentation, gone flawlessly right, blend of alt-pop-rap-punk. All, falling over a bleeding proclamation of not needing a fake friend. Hell of a message, don’t you say?

In the elaborate new video, you can find comfort in knowing the exact feeling. Combining the never-ending simulation of the 2020s with a nostalgic kickback of the 90s, it’s unnervingly comforting. nothing, nowhere elaborates, “I was always so enamored by the over the top 90s commercials as a kid. There is something comforting looking back at them now. [..] We wanted to visually tell the backstory of this ‘Fake Friend’ and show how technology and social media can deteriorate you.”

Check out the 90s-nostalgic-slightly cynical video here:

nothing, nowhere. – ‘fake friend’

Expecting nothing but continued excellence from one of the top artists in the game, ‘fake friend’ satisfies our craving for emotionalgenre-shattering tunes. The single debuted on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart at No.34 and will be on Trauma Factory. Check out the track-listing for the full-length below:

  1. ‘trauma factory’
  2. ‘lights (4444)’
  3. ‘buck’
  4. ‘love or chemistry’
  5. ‘exile’
  6. ‘upside down’
  7. ‘pain place’ (feat. MISOGI)
  8. ‘fake friend’
  9. ‘death’
  10. ‘pretend’
  11. ‘blood’ (feat. KennyHoopla & JUDGE)
  12. ‘nightmare’
  13. ‘crave’
  14. ‘real’
  15. ‘barely breathing’

As our excitement continues to grow for the new album, we can’t help but wonder – are you feeling it too? Let us know what’s on your mind! Leave a comment down below or by giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Dan Brown

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